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E-Girl Paradise #1 Chill-Server - discord.gg/egirl

What to know about us and what do we offer:

☔E-Girl Paradise is an all-purpose social server to help you meet new people and have fun☔

  • 💎 Fun server bringing you people from all around the world looking to socialize!
  • 🔊 Fun Active Voice-Channels to have fun in!
  • 🎁 Plenty of Frequent Giveaways!
  • 🌸 A variety of cute emotes that you would want to use!
  • 💬 3 incredibly active text-channels with plenty of people to talk to, girls and guys
  • 💠 Custom bot with tons of features including vc-leveling and gambling, etc.
  • 🤖 Variety of fun-bots such as pokecord,poketwo,EPIC-RPG,waifubots,mudae.
  • 💌 An all-purpose welcoming server
  • 🍧 Amazing community to feel like you're at home!
  • 🤍And a lot more.
  • Join now and come hangout with us!🤍


User Reviews


Based on 72 reviews

avatar of zara
zara 2 months ago

I'd smash


avatar of LilDee
LilDee 1 month ago

Good server; friendly staff, active chats and are well moderated. Deserves alot more upvotes


avatar of KS
KS 2 months ago

Coolest server ever, so many girls omgggggg


avatar of Nian
Nian 1 month ago

An amazing server, slowly getting more friendly and kind towards all types of members. An amazing owner, amazing staff, everyone is extremely supportive and kind. As the server grows, so does the maturity of the server and everyone inside it. I’m happy to be inside E-Girl Paradise, even if I’ve been here since September. I will always support the server and the people within it. Always keep it up as amazing staff and owners ❤️


avatar of SnoopDogg
SnoopDogg 2 months ago

Very nice server, looks good, large, active 24/7, fun to talk in, efficient moderation.

avatar of E-Girl Paradise・Social & Anime

We try our best to improve our moderation activity, we try to keep as many good moderators in place as possible to keep a safe environment!

Replying to SnoopDogg

avatar of amor
amor 3 months ago

hot very hot


avatar of kawaii
kawaii 1 month ago

Chill server, vibe server with cute emotes, fairly staff ever, Active channels & VCs. Welcomer team. One of the best server experience i had. Make Friends. So many Giveaways. Literally best server ever.


avatar of Dev
Dev 2 months ago

amazing active server, staff is great, cool giveaways


avatar of nicks
nicks 1 month ago

so fun, active, addictive and wholesome vibes in vc and chat. mained this server in a heartbeat when i first joined and have since. made great friends here too 🙂


avatar of Salty
Salty 2 months ago

Always has active VC's, super fun chats and the owner is a qt


avatar of Miaa !
Miaa ! 2 months ago

Best server for e-girls love it so much!!


avatar of SpidaWiddaLighta
SpidaWiddaLighta 3 months ago

Preeety Cool Doesn't get enough votes considering how many members there are.


avatar of E-Girl Paradise・Social & Anime

Appreciated! We try our best to make the server a place for everyone to socialize in and have fun! ♡

Replying to BAEDRAN