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Another world, another time, in the age of wonder, a thousand years (ok, so almost two) ago, the Fallout 76 Filthy Casual subreddit was created. We didn't have a discord, barely even had any rules, or even a logo, no idea what this place would turn into. Over time - through a kickass community and a shockingly small number of dedicated mods helping by playing janitor between day jobs and family life - we built up to a community of juuust about 40,000 in under 2 years.

During that build up, a discord server was set up on our behalf, but ultimately not owned by any of the subreddit mods. Effectively a separate organization, sharing a name, and some staff, but still separate. Overall it's been a pretty good partnership, the community thrived, the land was green and good.

Through some drama this past week, up to and including doxxing, malicious threats, and harassment towards subreddit mods, we've decided to formally separate from the old discord.

Unfortunately this means chat history is lost, but if you've seen some of our other recent posts, you know we were already expanding to be just "Filthy Casuals", not Fallout 76 specific. As a result, we already have a new discord server set up to roll into and find like-minded players across any game. For the time being, Fallout channels are set up, and we're working on channels for some other games, but absolutely feel free to suggest more games you'd like to chat about with the community.

The same "Filthy Spirit" rules apply there as they do here; although some specific rules may have more leeway or specific allowances in discord. For example, if there's a trading channel set up for your game, you can obviously use it to trade whereas the subreddit doesn't allow trading.

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