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We offer:

⭐️・over 2K members

💌・support tickets - 1 to 1 support from our support staff

🗣・venting room - private room for you to vent, say what you want with no one watching

🌈・lgbtq+ support channel

👮🏻・excellent staffing team

🚀・booster perks - boosters are able to use gifs in all community channels

📱・facebook & instagram page

❤️・safe space, where anyone and everyone is welcome

🤗 Join the Mental Health Support Community, we are a safe place for those of you who want to make new friends, an online family and welcoming people you can talk & vent to 🤗

Link: https://discord.gg/pa5NMBcyrn

Website: https://mentalhealthsupportcommunity.org

Banner: https://imgur.com/gallery/0gkdoAz


We are not here to sell any products/services. We are just simply here to support you with your struggles. Our Support Team are supporting you based upon our past experiences and to express our love and care for every individual. Remember, we are choosing to do this and it's voluntary, we are here for you. However, we are only here to advise as we aren’t professionals. It’s up to members to take the advice or not. For very serious issues seek help from professionals or emergency services.

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about 1 year ago

Amazing place for people to join, even if you don’t personally suffer from mental health disorders or issues it’s an amazing place to make new friends and talk, whatever it might be. Cian has helped so many people including myself with this server and I recommend to all people because there are support staff there whatever the case and if you want private support there is a ticketing system. I REC ...


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to Ellis

Thank you so much for this review Ellis. Yes we are here for any issue, and we put you in the right direction to success and we give you the best advice we possibly can. Thank you for recommending us to people, our ticketing system is 100% efficient, and works the way it should. We hope you enjoy your stay with us, thank you for becoming more active. Founder & Managing Director Cian

I love this place it helps out alot


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to Ҝ卂Ҝㄖㄖㄥ卂丨ᗪ 丂乇几丂乇丨

Thank you so much. We treat every individual with dignity and equality. You are loved and cared for. Thank you so much for being a part of the community, and also taking the time to leave us a review ❤ have a good day!


about 1 year ago

I love this server becaues i feel like it is a safe place. They are just the best


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to bri

Thank you for your positive feedback. We appreciate it so much, I am glad you feel that way. Thank you for being a part of our community <3 x Founder & Managing Director Cian


12 months ago

Amazing place to join! Everyone instantly makes you feel welcome. Must give it a try. I made a few good friends in week of joining. A genuine support group. The staff is great and everyone cares about you.


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to ⚜Shloka⚜

Hello Shloka! Thank you so much for your positive feedback about our community & also complementing our staff within the server. We are so glad that you have made some new friends whilst being with us. We all care, and we all look out for each other and that is why we call it a "family"! Have a good day :-) Cian | Founder of MHSC


about 1 year ago

everybody is real nice, friendly, they help and support if something is wrong. i recommend lol


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to rakeh!

Thanks for your positive feedback Shrimpie, we appreciate you being a part of the community and we hope you stay! Thanks for recommending us, have a good day.


about 1 year ago

A genuine support group. Amazing Staff, great members and and overall great place. I've learnt a lot about people mental health issues and how we can help each other fight these issues. It's a lovely place to meet and interact with people and make more friends. Fully recommend this Group


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to James.H

Thank you for your positive feedback James, we all really appreciate it. I'm glad you enjoy the community, and we hope you stay. Have a good day! Cian | Founder & Managing Director


7 months ago

great place to get friends, support others or get support, everyone is super friendly and I really enjoy talking there



11 months ago

A server full of soo many people who genuinely care and do their best to help you through hard times. Chat, laugh, play games, this server has it all whilst providing emotional support and advice to keep the server safe and friendly! Highly recommended!



10 months ago

I've been in the server for few weeks and it's amazing. I feel like it's a big group of amazing friends who are always there for you. It's always fun to hang out in the server. The server has made me open up about myself so much and I'm very happy about it. If you're looking for a lovely community then that's the place for you.


British Adal

about 1 year ago

An amazing community who welcomes you to an amazing family. They’re amazing at supporting others and it shows that they care about you! I’m really glad I came across this server, it’s given me a home 💜


Mental Health Support Community

Replying to British Adal

Well, this brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much for your positive feedback, and we do try our best ❤. We really do care for and love every individual. I am glad you are part of our family, and I'm glad we have given you a home. We hope you stay with us, have a good day! Cian | Founder & Managing Director


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