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"Rainbow Six Siege server R6 is open for all type of non toxic players regardless of their level/rank/platform or datacenter. Join us R6 "

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Hey Rainbow Six Siege players, Registration for R6s Server Showdown TOURNAMENT(APAC)is open till 30 -10-2020,Join and Register now r6 players 100% competitive. 0% toxic.

Do you dread playing comp because you:

  • get kicked because you couldn’t clutch a 1v5?
  • are “too noob” and insulted the rest of the match?
  • get griefed with a tk for not speaking in the “right” language?

Or have you never played ranked before because you don’t want this to happen to you?

If this sounds familiar, we hear you. We love Siege as much as you do, and suffer the same toxicity like everyone else. That’s why we created this community where you can play among friends while making new ones. All the comp you want, minus the toxic.

  • Enter the mini-tourneys where players are randomly assigned teams – a great way to meet new friends and teammates.
  • Join and create teams that fit your gameplay style.
  • Create your own scrims with your own rules for others to join – the perfect way for teams to practice and build up skills.
  • Auto-assign roles based on your language, platform, and game mode preferences to find compatible players.
  • Participate in large community tournaments and challenge yourself without the associated drama of ranked matches.
  • The more the merrier, so feel free to invite your friends as well.

Be part of this growing community of competitive but chill players. We’ll see you inside.