nookling's isle | nitro gw

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nookling's isle | nitro gw

we are an inclusive animal crossing based community!

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╭─────────────────── ╰─➛✎﹏ | welcome to nookling’s isle!! .°• ੈ♡

➵ | we offer: ׂׂૢ་༘࿐

🌈 } an lgbtq+ friendly community with dedicated vent channels to get your feelings out

🎉 } large island raids hosted twice a week!

🌿 } a request system to get any in-game item for free, including nmt!

🌸 } a level three boosted discord server with large frequent giveaways with 100’s of nmt, pearls, star fragments, rare diy sets and more!

💫 } channels to discuss duping, and sell hacked items!

💐 } lots of game channels to bond with other members of the server!

✨ } fun in-game and discord based events with prizes!

🌵} lots of booster perks such as 10x giveaway entries, 1 million bells, 100 nook mile tickets, private island raids and more!


└─────── join us today! ──➤