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— bungou basket

— FURUBA フルバ is a discord server dedicated to the anime and manga, FRUITS BASKET フルーツバスケット!


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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀˹ — フルバ ˼

let’s hold another banquet. let’s do it again and again, forever, without change. even if you feel lonely and sad now, everyone is waiting for you on the other side of that promise. that was in the long, distant past, that first memory which everyone has forgotten, that first promise.

゛ welcome to — FURUBA, a fruits basket server! 𓂃✧

✰ non-toxic server ✰ fun & lovely community ✰ aesthetic layout ✰ trigger-safe system ✰ campfire ghost stories ✰ netflix parties ✰ fruits basket emojis ✰ fruits basket characters bots ✰ furuba-themed channels ✰ furuba-themed role rankings ✰ birthday bot ✰ dank memer bot ✰ mudae bot ✰ monsta x channel ✰ bungou stray dogs channel ✰ mystic messenger channel ✰ game channel ✰ music channels ✰ roleplay channels ✰ venting channel ✰ waifu roulette channel ✰ custom waifu roulette profiles ✰ reaction roles ✰ role shop

we hope to see you soon! the zodiac members are awaiting your arrival!