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●▬▬▬▬▬ Welcome to Dank Zone ▬▬▬▬▬●

A very active Community with a lot of DMC Giveaways , Heists, Events and much more.

⦿ Hourly Millions, 5 Billion Event, Regular Pepet Giveaways! ⦿ Rob and Heist are permanently disabled but Regular Friendly Heists.
⦿ A lot of DMC Giveaways!
⦿ Friendly Staff.
⦿ An Active community with an active chat.
⦿ Big Events.
⦿ Almost 100 Million DMC been given away daily!
⦿ We got lot of other Game Bots.

User Reviews


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avatar of Toast
Toast 26 days ago

Its a really nice server with absolut nice events and a cool community, but there are some to heavy punishments, like if u dm-advertise, u get a permanent insta ban.


avatar of Juul Cat
Juul Cat 5 days ago

I've been in the server for like 2 months and I enjoy spending time in it I've won a lot of DMC here and some nitro gaws I've also gotten level 50 and I plan on staying.


avatar of Shera
Shera 5 months ago

very Nice server!! VERY NICE!! 100 MILLION HEIST!!


avatar of RiyaanShah
RiyaanShah 6 months ago

it is a very good server must join

avatar of Dank Zone
Dank Zone 6 months ago

Thanks for Your Review!

Replying to RiyaanShah

avatar of Harry007
Harry007 6 months ago

Hmm you should promote Benz to admin


avatar of dleecious
dleecious 1 month ago

Very active! Nice staffs and admins: )


avatar of Arsh
Arsh 18 days ago

Dear Dank Zone, I think I have been banned from your server and I don't know the reason. I do not know where to appeal my ban so I am writing this comment in hopes that you would read it. If you are, please unban me so that I can have fun in that server again. P.S: Whoever is review the comments, please don't ban me. I have already been banned from a lot of my favorite servers. Just help me out then remove my comment. Thanks🙂