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safe, simple, roblox community server. lots to learn from eachother, lots to do, and lots of love to share <3




Roblox users is the main user base!! We take special pride in the k indness and great advice of our community members and inclusivity! get advice, give advice, do your own gift drops, share kindness with others around you! we are excited to share them with you! Come and join and we'll give you a warm welcome with open paws!! :3

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avatar of astrryx
astrryx 2 months ago

I literally love honiees sm. Everyone in the server is so nice and kind to eachother. There are lots of different channels with different wellbeing activities or general fun activities. There are frequent giveaways and drops. The owner Kay is such a nice person. It's also a rlly great server to make new friends.


avatar of jayden,,
jayden,, 3 months ago

Honiees where u can find friends ! Lovely community server. Its fun to talk with other ppl and make friends 😎💞


avatar of Paprikaa
Paprikaa 2 months ago

Honiees is the best! I’ve made lots of friends, and I get to find people who are antisocial creeps just like me. I recommend this server to people who just like to chat with other people, so if you do like those stuff, join us in honiees.


avatar of ,, fofo
,, fofo 2 months ago

Honiees honestly spreads so much positivity i got a lot of friends there 😎.


avatar of rebekah
rebekah 2 months ago

Honnies is such an amazing community with so many amazing people and great things I love it!


avatar of Tanita894
Tanita894 2 months ago

Dnskwkskfkfk hi. Anyways, just wanted to say that honiees has literally helped me so much. Not only is it a supportive server with supportive members, but you can literally get help in several ways. From anonymous to trust, and from trust to support. This server has a lot of members for a reason, same with the channels 👁✨👁 you can cry, feel down, be glad or whatever, but always get support from honiees no matter what’s happening in your life right now. Anyways, this is coming out long but just wanted to add that the staff and owner(s) are amazing. Kay always talks to everybody making them feel like a close friend of her. And the staff are always and I mean ALWAYS so helpful with decisions that comes in hand and doesn’t make any member feel uncomfortable. They’re so fair and cheering, couldn’t wish to be in a better server honestly. 🥰🥰

avatar of ੈ ◦ honiees ◦ ੈ

TANITA🥺 We're SO grateful to have you in honiees thank you for this we ly ♡

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avatar of miss twi
miss twi 3 months ago

honiees is such a great server and is very kind and welcoming


avatar of goober
goober 2 months ago

Honiees is the best server ever. i made so many friends and everyone is really nice. also they have giveaways, qotd, and random minigames that make it the best server.

avatar of ੈ ◦ honiees ◦ ੈ

We're so happy you feel this way!! We hope to have you part of the community for a long time coming! ♡

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avatar of Tohrus'pretty
Tohrus'pretty 2 months ago

I frickin love the server the server has a lot of fun channels and the people in the server are very nice.


avatar of Dragon <3
Dragon <3 2 months ago

Honiees is an awesome sever with wonderful people and awesome friends, everyone cares about you it's not like the toxic servers that just be rude all the time and get into fights. I rate it a 5/5 please join if you haven't already!

avatar of ੈ ◦ honiees ◦ ੈ

We're so glad you feel this way and we're lucky to have you in the community! Ty for this feedback!🥺

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avatar of cami!!!
cami!!! 2 months ago

Honnie's is an amazing server, everybody there is so sweet and kind! I love this server so much that I boosted it nine times and I gifted a lot of it's members Nitro. Very positive and a nice place to make friends, I totally recommend!


avatar of KatNotFound
KatNotFound 1 month ago

HONIEES IS FR THE BEST SERVER EVER!!! THE CAREBEARS ARE SO NICE AND WILL MAKE YOUR DAY BETTER. Everyone in the server is super nice and i love it smmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


avatar of jaydensbestfran
jaydensbestfran 1 month ago

heyyy first of all honiees is a very positive place!! vv welcoming and they've got the best advice, ever, as in, i'm telling you. once you get placed in honiees, it's like such a good place that you can't leave, they give out the best memories, n the best members. not only the owner is kind but actually everyone even staff n boosters xoxo. this community has made my way of thinking better. kay raised a great community n i'm sure you wont regret joining this vv beautiful community!! they also do gws n drops gws last longer n drops are quick giveaways if you didn't know, also honiees has many channel that you can get help in, there are people named carebears which will help you, n im so grateful that kay created that. i love this community n i think i'll never leave <33


avatar of arii
arii 1 month ago

such a positive community /gen very safe <3

avatar of ੈ ◦ honiees ◦ ੈ

Aw ty for this lovely feedback! we're glad you feel safe in the community! <3

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avatar of your side hoe
your side hoe 2 months ago

literally such a great server, so many members will greet you when you first join, and will bring up a convo. every member within the server just enlightens my day, never forget to include me, and put a smile/laugh on my face. events happen occasionally and giveaways are hosted nearly everyday !! amazing server, plz join <3


avatar of berry_
berry_ 10 days ago

I love this server smm!! Everyone is so helpful and kind! I've been in this server about 1-2 months, and I've already made great friends with a bunch of people, everyone here is so great and funny. 11/10, the mods are also super kind and they can brighten up my day just by a few words. Everyone in it is amazing. >w<


avatar of Fatima✨
Fatima✨ 29 days ago

Love it! Everybody is so nice, channels are very organized and very welcoming


avatar of imabitofanidiot

Honiees is the best discord server ive ever seen, its so welcoming and nice. theres so many channels for us to talk in and keep entertained too! highly recommend joining if youre going through a tough time, need some friends, or just wanna try a new server thank you honiees!


avatar of honhon
honhon 8 days ago

everyone here is rly swag