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A fun, loving and positive community server with tons of daily giveaways, events, movie nights etc. We have tons of good and cute emotes.




«────── Β« β‹…Κšβ™‘Ιžβ‹… Β» ──────»

πŸ’  Welcome to The Hub!

πŸ’  We're an open community for anything you can wish for! Be it anime, games, anything!

πŸ’  We host tons of giveaways and interesting events such as game events, movie nights, and many more with prizes inside!

πŸ’  We have friendly staff members welcoming you into the community, serving you for your stay.

πŸ’  Should you have questions or inquires, do approach our staff team for assistance.


User Reviews


Based on 8 reviews

avatar of Loren
Loren 4 months ago

The Hub is a Great server, and there are alot of giveaways and its legit! and people are really nice here. I won one of the nitro giveaway and i got my nitro really quick and didnt had to wait long for the reward


avatar of k9
k9 3 months ago

Hi hub family....happy now?


avatar of KeARk
KeARk 4 months ago

Heh, best server


avatar of GoldKnightAlice
GoldKnightAlice 4 months ago

It's an amazing community, with lots of channels, bots and fun to be had. They also do loads of giveaways, and frequent events.


avatar of Cj;
Cj; 4 months ago

Pretty good for a server.


avatar of MEE7
MEE7 3 months ago

best server I've been in, admins and mods are fun and help you in any situation


avatar of da1s3y
da1s3y 2 months ago

The Hub is probably the best server I’ve been in, the staff members are so kind and sweet! There’s so many giveaways and once I won a giveaway and the reward was nitro! It was actually legit and I was so happy! The Hub is a great server!