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Among Us #1 Chill Server - discord.gg/amongusgame

About us and what we offer:

🌸 Among Us is an all-purpose social server that helps you meet new people and have fun! 🌸

・💎 Fun and active server bringing people all around the world together!

・🔊 Active Voice Channels!

・🎁 Plenty of Nitro Giveaways!

・🤍 Over 500+ cute and funny emotes for you to use!

・🤖 Variety of fun bots including dank memer, tippy, EPIC-RPG, poketwo, mudae and more!

・💌 Welcoming and addictive community that makes you feel at home!

・💬 Incredibly active text-channels with plenty of people to talk to!

・☔ 1:1 Male and Female ratio!

・💠 And a lot more!

・Join now and come hang out with us! 🤍

User Reviews


Based on 40 reviews

avatar of Seri/Roshawn
Seri/Roshawn 3 months ago

Contrary to what people say, if you participate in the server by following its rules, you’ll find the it’s really fun and welcoming all around. If you’re looking for a laid back server that still takes its community seriously, this is the server for you. 🥸


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

This server is Phenomenal. Tons of amazing people! I've had some of my greatest laughs on this server.


avatar of Kyer
Kyer 3 months ago

Good server. Best among us players and community. highly recommend


avatar of grlphobic
grlphobic 3 months ago

This server literally saved my life. Before the creation of this server I was nothing. This server helped me find my purpose in life. Cool server. Great PLATINUM LOBBIES with many people to play with.


avatar of averyin </3
averyin </3 3 months ago

i love this server, i found many friends and way more uses for it then just playing among us! totally would try out if youre looking for a good time and to find new friends


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

Yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo best server ever! Fun people, I am friends with a lot of the staff and they are super chill and reasonable. I am friends with a lot of members as well and they agree. Good community, good vibes, and good times! You probably won't regret joining.


avatar of Lokii
Lokii 3 months ago

Love playing on it. Have been playing for over 70 hours.


avatar of ( King )
( King ) 3 months ago

Nice server, good and friendly mods. Has cool tournaments and giveaways. Everyone in the server is pretty much very chill


avatar of haley
haley 3 months ago

ive made a load of friends from this server and staff is hella active and helpful


avatar of Yousiff
Yousiff 3 months ago

its a amazing server. Great bots. Hard worked. Nice staff and owner. and active server. I dont use the server for the games, i jsut use it to find friends on general and chill zone. Its very active as well . Would reccomend it to people looking for friends and looking for a good and active server for among us


avatar of Chindio
Chindio 3 months ago

One of the few servers i can say whole heartedly that i truly love being here and wait in anticipation everyday to meet and greet new people.


avatar of SeeKey
SeeKey 3 months ago

Very good community, staff members make the server a better place, and are very helpful. Very well organized, and any complaint is always taken into consideration and taken care of .


avatar of Francesco24
Francesco24 3 months ago

I got banned from the server because the mod manager "felt like it" and the owner supported it. The server is just filled with bias mods, don't join it, any other among us server is better than this one.


avatar of Vlady Daddy
Vlady Daddy 3 months ago

Great server for among us gameplay but also a good spot to chill. Great community of people to vibe with.


avatar of Yamilo-_-
Yamilo-_- 3 months ago

This is really good and welcoming server built on a great community and a good staff team. Good for every age, gender and background I would highly recommend it.


avatar of skyline
skyline 3 months ago

worst and most dramatic server