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Welcome to Aadit's Hangman Support!. This is where you can ask questions about Aadit's Hangman, and also play hangman with my bot, Aadit's (Audit's) Hangman Bot ! If you have any questions or feedback, go to #questions-and-feedback , #email-us , and #anonymous-feedback ! Have fun! :tada:

Wait- what even IS Aadit's Hangman? Aadit's hangman is a series of programs you can use to play hangman! One of these programs I coded a website i deployed to heroku called https://aadits-hangman.herokuapp.com/ ! If you haven't checked that out already, please check it out NOW! Don't even read the rest of the information until you try it out just once! :wink: What else is there? I also made a hangman game in tkinter python! If you have python on your computer, you can clone the repo on https://aadits-hangman.herokuapp.com/github ! Tkinter is basically a module in python which provides you a GUI. Lastly, you can obviously just play with the bot. Go to #hangman-commands RIGHT NOW and type $start to start an AWESOME HANGMAN GAME!!!!!! For a more detailed description, check out my video on https://youtu.be/8DFSjOVh1QA !

P.S. if you like the bot and want users in your server to play my hangman, add the bot to YOUR OWN SERVER (https://discord.com/oauth2/authorize?client_id=748670819156099073&scope=bot&permissions=3072) ! Oh and the only permissions the bot needs are just to read and send messages! It doesn't need admin or anything similar (obviously because the bot just needs to send messages for you to have fun)

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