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Vibehub Café

A Safe Anime Server with tones of Updates! And an active chat!


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Anime Fun Social

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                       ୨ VibeHub Cafe ୧


🎉 - Giveaway ୧ We make sure our community is gifted with joy! Our Giveaways are real! We make sure we have something sure to giveaway before sending hosting a giveaway!

🤗 - Community ୧ Our goal is to have a safe and good community! Our Community is meant to be like that because it encourages a lot of other people to enjoy talking! Instead of watching most of the time!

🎁 - Waifu Collectibles ୧ Collect Waifu's during your adventure in our server! This is still a work in progress but we intend that you can collect waifu's here!

🎪 - Events ୧ We do OSU events on Saturday and Movie Night Events on Friday! We also have different sort of events during weekdays! Sometimes we give out Nitro!