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Among Us based server to find people to play with. Many active voice channels. Extremely Active Staff/Support.

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The Among Us Network is a welcoming server for all ages to meet others that play Among Us! We are a rapidly growing community with active voice channels, friendly mods, and an emphasis on maintaining a positive environment for all players! We feature a confidential ticket based report system to deal with any problem that may arise, complimented by swift and just corrective processes. Our team is well adapted to cater to the needs of our rapidly growing player base!

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avatar of marcø
marcø 22 days ago

I like server it very yummy


avatar of SPIDS
SPIDS 23 days ago

nice good


avatar of mly4
mly4 7 days ago

Awesome server! Met a bunch of friends through this server! The moderation team is always there to help when toxic people arrive.


avatar of WyoY
WyoY 7 days ago

love it


avatar of ham
ham 7 days ago

As a Moderator, I'm pretty biased. Some might see us as power hungry, but we really just want to keep the server safe. We have a whole system we have spent hours discussing that addresses toxicity, vulgarity, and hate speech. We have a list of certain words that are instant ban and some that are based on context. They are highly offensive and anyone using them should not be on this server in our eyes. All of the 1 star reviews are because they were breaking rules. We are pretty low tolerance about certain things. We have two amazing owners. A staff team of over 30 that is more active and responsive than any other discord server I've been on. The community is awesome. We've got great bots and a ranking system that allows you to play with 5heads after you spend about 60 hours in our VCs 150k members, 150 Voice Lobbies in addition to several lobbies just to chill and vibe in. Give us a chance and we'll show you how awesome our server is! If you're a toxic person or you enjoy toeing the line, you won't last long here.


avatar of bethany
bethany 7 days ago

really nice server, moderation team are always very helpful and interact with the community, even met a few friends from being on here


avatar of mistie
mistie 7 days ago

I was banned for literally saying 2 sentences. Not even a single warning. Power hungry staff that don't tolerate a single thing. Kinda sad considering I love the game.


avatar of blep
blep 7 days ago

do NOT join this server if you're looking to have a logical conversation. the mode are extremely power hungry and will ban if you say even a single offensive thing. The only thing good about this server is that its easy to find others to play with, but the mod team is actual trash. They only care about power and will ban with not a single warning. if i could leave 0 stars, i would.


avatar of Gxmer
Gxmer 2 hours ago

very nice server


avatar of penguin
penguin 1 day ago

this server is really good! i enjoy the people in the server, you can gain friends to play with also. i really enjoy the setup and the way they do things in the server. many voice chats, you will never not like the vc. compared to other among us servers this is the best one. the setup, the people, the mods/admins, it’s all really good! i promise it will be worth your time!