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avatar of Keeper
Keeper 22 days ago

a sensitve lobby that will ban you for any sort of offense joke, there are larger among us servers that are much better than this one


avatar of CallMeElite
CallMeElite 2 days ago

Id have given this server a 5 though I was banned without any knowledge, If i were to understand bans or if anyone would learn how they were banned they could appeal and essentially be deemed innocent, Though that was not the case in this server, You get banned without the knowledge of your own ban. I'll still give it a 2, it was a really good server but its just ashame that you have no understanding of your ban, So even if you were innocent of the crime, You get framed by the impostor. (Some lobbies were kinda bad and some like to earrape)


avatar of FluffyFella
FluffyFella 1 day ago

Corrupt and easily triggered group of staff, looking at someone the wrong way will get you banned. All despite the edgy trolls and little kids that earrape VCs and say the N word repeatedly, such a great server. I too was banned with no knowledge, no way to see why, and no previous warnings for bad behavior. I wanted to stick around but SIKE, some of the mods were predisposed to WANT to ban me, so they simply did it.


avatar of Maybe Noodle
Maybe Noodle 18 days ago

I really have enjoyed my time on this server, it has a very nice community and there are giveaways every week. The staff are nice and its very easy to find an among us game here. I really like it here and I hope you do too.


avatar of tank
tank 20 days ago

very bad server they skipped my song


avatar of Dre but better 😎
Dre but better 😎 24 days ago

This server is super fun if you play among us alot of emotes and its over all amazing!β™‘


avatar of kinganimebooy
kinganimebooy 18 days ago

yes great


avatar of Arimakkusu
Arimakkusu 11 days ago



avatar of Panda Games
Panda Games 10 days ago

lol super cool


avatar of {Yachi kun}
{Yachi kun} 4 days ago

best game ever


avatar of Veld
Veld 18 days ago



avatar of panzerkampfwagenVI
panzerkampfwagenVI 24 days ago

sex sex sex!


avatar of QWERTY
QWERTY 23 days ago

very good