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avatar of Keeper
Keeper 4 months ago

a sensitve lobby that will ban you for any sort of offense joke, there are larger among us servers that are much better than this one


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

Id have given this server a 5 though I was banned without any knowledge, If i were to understand bans or if anyone would learn how they were banned they could appeal and essentially be deemed innocent, Though that was not the case in this server, You get banned without the knowledge of your own ban. I'll still give it a 2, it was a really good server but its just ashame that you have no understanding of your ban, So even if you were innocent of the crime, You get framed by the impostor. (Some lobbies were kinda bad and some like to earrape)


avatar of Among Us
Among Us 2 months ago

I'm sorry to hear that this happened, please reach out to our discord staff and we will try to get the issue resolved as soon as possible :)

Replying to infectionest88

avatar of suriym
suriym 3 months ago

a very organized server, and great for chilling out to play among us!! ik there are many among us servers out there, but this one isn’t as crowded and there’s alwaysss people who would be down to play :)) overall 10/10


avatar of Anxious_Vali
Anxious_Vali 2 months ago

This server is fantastic <3 The community is welcoming :D


avatar of bear
bear 2 months ago

Very fun, staff are really great as well!


avatar of K-9
K-9 2 months ago

great server love to be in it


avatar of VanityESS
VanityESS 21 days ago

I inquired about wether or not it was ok if someone called me a "faggot" in VC. And got banned instantly by a bot. With no way to get unbanned. then went on a different account, to ask. and got told the mods were "too busy". only to get muted. there is no care for the community at all


avatar of lemon
lemon 24 days ago

Very good still a little new but very good


avatar of allusion🌪
allusion🌪 6 days ago

I was banned for “ban evading” the first time i ever opened the chat. how can i ban evade in a discord server i just joined?


avatar of thepuniisher
thepuniisher 1 month ago

Toxic server,they ban you for being in a server they beefing with and then they lie about the reason being banned is cause you said the n word!!


avatar of tank
tank 3 months ago

very bad server they skipped my song


avatar of Halo
Halo 19 days ago

On speaking for the behalf of a friend due to the fact that they recently, haven’t been able to access their account I am giving this server one star. They banned my friend for no reason and didn’t even let them know til my friend found out all on their own. And when they tried to contact one of the mods that worked in the server, the mod blocked them. Among us you need to work on your moderation let alone, you need to fix your ways, and stop randomly banning people and not giving them one good single reason on why they got banned in the first place!!


avatar of George.
George. 17 days ago

they banned my gf for no reason ndd the staff are really bad they cant take jokes and they muted me for 15m just cuz this guy was spam texting then i did it in 3 texts to tell him to stop and they muted me without muting him. fair right? no.