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Fun art server for you to hang out in! You can also commission in our server with our server currency or sell your own art!





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avatar of 𝓞𝓴
𝓞𝓴 3 months ago

Very good would recommend, all the mods are approachable and friendly, not to mention how all people are accepted here


avatar of Artisticallweeb
Artisticallweeb 2 months ago

I loved this server right when I joined, it isn't like those servers where the owner is pretty much never online and talking the ow er is awesome the community is awesome these people are so open to anything


avatar of Polarabyte
Polarabyte 1 month ago

Definitely an extremely supportive server, rather if it's art, or just rando conversations, much recommendation if you want to meet new people or get some art critique!


avatar of NerdJuice
NerdJuice 1 month ago

Very chill and welcoming community. One of the best communities I've been a part of tbh, everyone here is so nice. Would 100% recommend it to any artist.


avatar of 𝘞𝖆пdҽ𝚛Ꭵภɠ

Best server I've been in by far. Mods are nice, approachable, and understanding. The community is great for artists or people who just want to chill and chat with their friends. I can not express how much I have enjoyed being a part of this server. 10/10 would recommend.


avatar of Karmaa
Karmaa 2 months ago

Love this server, The people here are very fun to chat with, you quickly find friends here, definitely recommend if you want to share your artworks and maybe even get suggestions in how to improve, etc! ^^


avatar of Bagels
Bagels 1 month ago

My favorite server I've been in, the staff and members are rlly incredible, 10/10 would recommend.


avatar of Boubah
Boubah 22 days ago

Out of every discord server I've been in, this one is the best I've seen, with a fun community, a welcoming environment and a calm place to talk to other artists with mods who care about the server and help to make sure its a safe place, would give more stars if i could


avatar of ♛ Anya ♛
♛ Anya ♛ 10 days ago

one of the best servers ive been in ngl. everyone is so friendly and nice, from the members to the admins.


avatar of Axer 11
Axer 11 20 days ago

Just been banned ‘cause I self promoted. I thought when I self promoted it was in a self promote chat room! I thought it was safe in there and I forgot the rules. I am devastated and I know my mistake. I don’t usually self promote and I’m sorry. I love your server and I always will, you probably won’t let me back and I understand, and I will miss you guys.


avatar of ? jess©
? jess© 17 hours ago

Great server although I'm not active there anymore. Made so many memories, laughed and smiled many times because of them. All the artists are very talented and people provide great art advice. Staff are chill as-well. I really recommend joining!