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DnD and other stuff comin soon..

Hey fellas, 1. So we decided to add some new things in the server to increase activity and have fun with new members and we figured out that DnD is the best way to do that. 2. As all of us know due to addition of DnD category in the server we will be needing some time to set everything up. So I just want you guys to be patient and wait till everything is done That was all thanks.

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Hey! Yes, I'm talking to you, If your here, you must be looking for an EPIC server. One with time and dedication put into it! Well your at the end of the road pal. You found what you looking for, SpareWorld! We include the following:

👍🏻 Active staff

😂 Dank memes

🤖 Fun bots

📜 Advertising

😎 Self assignable roles

😆 RUST LFGs, news

🎮 Gaming

🎶 Music

😃 Friendly community

🤯 & More!

And maybe, just maybe you can become a staff! Since we are looking for an active staff team and that would be wonderful!

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avatar of Abhay❤Snipe
Abhay❤Snipe 2 months ago

its very cool server i joined almost 1 month ago and now i have soo good frnds (RIP my english)----- must join server AGASTOPIA :)


avatar of `ᏖᎶ°GhOsTY
`ᏖᎶ°GhOsTY 3 months ago

AGASTOPIA is a nOice server and there is many friendly members and many chatting peoples.

avatar of SpareWorld
SpareWorld 3 months ago

Thanks for your review P/\KH| we are working to make our server a better place for everyone.Glad to see you feel this way towards our server.

Replying to `ᏖᎶ°GhOsTY

avatar of UNTOLD
UNTOLD 2 months ago

Nice server with a calm vibe


avatar of Arsen1c
Arsen1c 2 months ago

Agastopia is really great place to be it’s a great timepass the owner and the admin are really good it’s active most of the time at afternoons and evenings (IST) the chat goes brrrr the staff are friendly, it’s emotes are given by the common members the roles are really well-managed. I would really recommend people to join this server


avatar of Mirrorr
Mirrorr 2 months ago

Great server for pass time.


avatar of Siddhant
Siddhant 2 months ago

The server is good......ummmm.......join it you will enjoy ,i am not good at describing stuff so yeah...


avatar of Izuki Midoriya
Izuki Midoriya 1 month ago

Nice and active server. Staff is friendly and a good place for chilling.


avatar of amaury
amaury 19 days ago

When I joined the server some cringe people fought with me but it was not there fault too. But the owner is nice explained me everything. Ok server


avatar of net marble
net marble 16 days ago

Found LFG here but do some about the @RUST role it gets pinged a lot.

avatar of SpareWorld
SpareWorld 16 days ago

We will surely do something about that :)

Replying to net marble

avatar of ldoso
ldoso 16 days ago

I don't know what to say....but nice rust server


avatar of Voice
Voice 16 days ago

Great server. Nice members. Cool staff


avatar of Co-kipsta
Co-kipsta 16 days ago

Do something about the deadness elsewise is ok

avatar of SpareWorld
SpareWorld 16 days ago

Sure, our community is like that only sometimes dead sometimes pretty active as hell. As the server mostly for LFG nowadays so community is weak but we will surely try to make our community as efficient as our LFG :)

Replying to Co-kipsta

avatar of KAWAII
KAWAII 16 days ago

UwU server has a pretty nice community with pretty nice mods and a weird but good owner and admin!