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Addicted 18+ Adults only! Active VC & text chats! Among us/TOU/Codenames/Jackbox +More! Lounge! Self roles! Selfies! Meet new friends! Date!




Forget about playing with those little kids, if you are here to play with other adults, this is for you!

This server is for those looking to play Among us with other players or fun party games like codenames, jackbox, etc...! 18+ required as well as voice chat/mic required! Have fun!

It is also a server to meet other cool people, females & males as we have self roles and lounge for others to socialize in!

Extremely Active Staff that plays in Addicted 18+ daily!

Amazing staff who enforce rules & ban members who break them! A lot of servers have inactive staff that do not reply and let trolls, troublemakers, & rule breakers stay in there server. Our job is to ensure a safe & fun community for those who join Amxng Us!

Server Boosts!

Active Community!

Responsive owner and staff!

Friendly Community!

Lounge for hanging out aswell!

Active chats!

Self colour roles!

Self roles!

Events & Giveways!

Selfies text channels!

Custom emojis!

Rythm bot to listen to music in the lounge!

Town of us Among us!

User Reviews


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avatar of lexluther666
lexluther666 6 months ago

This is the only server I play in now. The admins are always on it when there’s any complaints. Good place to make friends. 10/10


avatar of bubbles
bubbles 6 months ago

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avatar of Ken Vs. 💊
Ken Vs. 💊 6 months ago

Its cool i guess. I dont fucking know🤷🏽‍♂️👍🏽


avatar of lovell
lovell 6 months ago

An amazing server!!! everyone is so nice and friendly the staff is also quick with responses and they are very helpful as well. It’s good server for newbies and competitive players, and the members are always active there’s always a game going.u should join!


avatar of Angel
Angel 6 months ago

Great server! Everyone’s really nice and games are fun! Super active :)


avatar of Worhed
Worhed 6 months ago

Active admins, 18+.


avatar of bellz
bellz 6 months ago

A good server /active owner/ staff friendly!


avatar of MeepGeneration
MeepGeneration 6 months ago

Staff is really active and helpful, it's pretty easy to just find a lobby and join to talk and chill. Always a go-to after work or a long day :)


avatar of Kazuie
Kazuie 6 months ago

Just joined last night and had a great time in Among Us! Best server I have been in!


avatar of 02_MusicGirl
02_MusicGirl 6 months ago

Great server! There's always room to play a game with active people!


avatar of Xeo
Xeo 6 months ago

yeah server is nice and all but you should know that clara t sabotages lights and kills if shes imp, if not shes always on admin.


avatar of BossFace
BossFace 6 months ago

Fun server, there aren't little kids screaming into mics here


avatar of Jiggz
Jiggz 6 months ago



avatar of 🎃Father Cartoon🎃

Overall one of the best communities I've ever been a part of. Great games and 5,000,000 IQ impostor plays aplenty. Join it, now. Like, its not even a thought. Unless you're not 18+ then like, no, don't join... Yet.


avatar of Rbens
Rbens 6 months ago

This is by far my favourite among us discord :) the people are active, friendly, and generally super chill. Definitely glad i joined


avatar of ~ツ𝖋𝖎𝖗𝖊ツ~

Great server love it so mush ive been in for a bit and im love in there Super active and Super fun u should join and have some fun as well.the owner and staff you can allways find a game when you need one


avatar of Monkey D. Luffy
Monkey D. Luffy 6 months ago

I love this server l. I made so many new friends. Even though we yell sometimes, that’s what makes this game so much fun. I wouldn’t play in any other server this is the best one I have found so far!