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πŸ’–A wholesome anime community ready to greet you with open arms! Giveaways, events, fun bots, and a place to advertise! πŸ’–




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If you're looking for a welcoming, judgement free server, you've come to the right place! Growing server full of friendly members that will support you no matter what Daily giveaways and events for you to participate in An advertising channel for you to share your stuff in, lots of cool emojis No matter what ethnicity, sexuality, race, etc you are, we love you! πŸ’–

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avatar of Crab
Crab 2 months ago

Amazing social server.


avatar of WEE6
WEE6 3 months ago

Great server, friendly people, active chats. Tons of nitro giveaways and events.


avatar of Cross
Cross 3 months ago

Fun server, lots of people, nice community.


avatar of Sparky
Sparky 4 months ago

It's a Great Server! Fun, Social and just a lot of things to do. Especially when you join the staff team the Server becomes even more fun. All the staff is friendly and will help you with everything. I just made new friends and I don't regret accidentally joining this server.


avatar of LizaIsSexy
LizaIsSexy 2 months ago

Ownestly an amazing server everyone is so nice and caring could not be more happier with this server


avatar of NightRaven
NightRaven 2 months ago

Epic discord server! Awesome staff and excellent work. You should definetely join, they do legitimate nitro giveaways!


avatar of b0
b0 2 months ago

It's a great server, a friendly community, active and friendly owners and the server is very welcoming whenever a new member joins.


avatar of omggggeee
omggggeee 2 months ago

Very welcoming and friendly server. They are nice and kind, would 100% recommend to anyone! They also have an advertising channel to help grow your server/content. Amazing!


avatar of Who?
Who? 15 days ago

Aw-Some server! Very welcoming and fun!


avatar of Cherri | Anime & Social

Thanks for bringing that up to us, can you show/tell me who is the one responsible for this?

Replying to thetigertalks

avatar of SleepyLegs
SleepyLegs 26 days ago

This is without a doubt the best server anybody's ever going to find on discord. With an amazing staff, super active members, and some exciting giveaways, I have made some new friends and felt like a part of this wonderful family.


avatar of ∠A
∠A 3 days ago

Very active server with cool admins and many giveways


avatar of Europlum
Europlum 1 month ago



avatar of krispianna
krispianna 8 days ago

Great emotes (especially if you have Nitro) and a pretty amazing staff


avatar of Pop501
Pop501 9 days ago

Amazing server! Great aesthetic and welcoming people


avatar of Kazumasa Kagemaru

Well if I have to do a review this server is AWESOME just be cool and u will be cool for the server don't do dumb things or u might miss a wonderful adventure


avatar of TaiforuBH
TaiforuBH 9 days ago

After being in the server for two months, I believe that this server has a great chance to be bigger. I love how friendly people are, and they have so much stuff to do. Glad I joined this server, even if it was through a self-promo :D