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The Vent offers hosted channels, quick support, clean matchmaking, biweekly giveaways, reward roles, and much more!




The Vent is for playing Among Us and along the way make some new friends. We expect everyone in the sever to follow the rules and know how to play Among Us. If you don't know how to play Among Us, we'll suggest some YouTube tutorials about how to play Among Us and also looking up the 3 different maps on google to familiarize yourself with each map. Deeper knowledge of Among Us is obviously not expected of you, such as having the map memorized, ability to remember your routes, and have good convincing skills. The Among Us lobbies are moderated by the host and not staff members or bots. It's just like Xbox and PlayStation parties. There's also an option to host lounges which is also moderated by the host and not staff members or bots. We hope you join and stay in the server!

User Reviews


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avatar of Mickey Mouse
Mickey Mouse 26 days ago

Not a good server, too many toxic people.


avatar of Mongolian Child
Mongolian Child 26 days ago

I joined the server to be welcomed by 2 people which I thought was nice. But then I joined a lobby and sheesh was it toxic.


avatar of MiGark
MiGark 28 days ago

It is the server i don't wanna leave :)


avatar of FNtrickz
FNtrickz 1 month ago

great server! U can communicate with anyone. everyone is friendly and threes nothing wrong with it. Puzzle is an great administrator he communicates with his chat most of the time. all admins are GREAT! put don't do a lot to catch a ban notice because it serious. But overall is pretty great!


avatar of Froggo
Froggo 1 month ago

Its a great server! The text channels are pretty wholesome and so are the voice channels. Puzzle and the other mods are really friendly, which is also great. I do enjoy playing with the others here, and a suggestion would be to maybe(?) add a proximity chat channel to the vc.


avatar of asphaltbeast
asphaltbeast 26 days ago

- great server layout n very easy to use -24/7 active staff and members -fast support team they're super quick to respond to your queries -unique and easy to use matchmaking system -legit biweekly giveaways Overall, this is undoubtedly the best among us server out there. Appreciate the work of the staff and the owner puzzle for making the server safe and an amazing place to stay in!


avatar of St0nkz
St0nkz 26 days ago

Amazing bot selection and an amazing staff only issues were the trolls. I loved being able to meet some new amazing people through the server and to join a server that was really easy to use. Don't plan on leaving anytime soon.


avatar of bougieebetch
bougieebetch 21 days ago

The best fucking server I’ve ever been too 💅🏼


avatar of Armou
Armou 21 days ago

Best server I've ever been too, great community ,wholesome and welcoming people :thumbsup


avatar of Captain20
Captain20 26 days ago

It's amazing server filled with super sweet and amazing people, when you join this server it's as if you just joined a family.


avatar of LIFE!!!
LIFE!!! 19 days ago

This an amazing server that helped me and other people find friends to play with among us. There may be toxic people but it does not mean that all the people there are bad. This is a good server.


avatar of Droo🅿y.TJ
Droo🅿y.TJ 21 days ago

This server is great. The mods are great on how they handle them and stuff. The lobbies are good. Except for the toxic people. But overall, this server is great.


avatar of the sad ghost
the sad ghost 17 days ago

An amazing server full of beautiful people...


avatar of BloomingNerd ✨
BloomingNerd ✨ 16 days ago

I hopped in 'The Vent' and I don't wanna leave. My crewmates are too nice :)


avatar of pepsi
pepsi 16 days ago

The server is pretty nice, I had a soda war when I first joined but since I won I believe the server is pretty amazing. Super nice people who are happy to talk to you as soon as you join. It's a pretty awesome community.


avatar of Fearless
Fearless 14 days ago

Welcoming and great staff, also seems to be a friendly community.