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Block Hunts⛏ The first Online RPG that integrates Crypto Mining in a Medieval Sci-Fi Game on Discord.




Mine your Egems and get additional from Gaming! 1% PPLNS. (Min. Pool payout threshold: 1 EGEM.)

EGEM added as random drop from Adventures. (Min. Game payout threshold: 1 EGEM.)

How to mine and play? 2 Steps!

  1. Connect hardware to Pool www.egem.blockhunts.com
  2. Register an Game account at Discord https://discord.gg/w7tgfmb

LVL UP & Battle System!

Get experience points & gold for battles against other player and climp up the PvP Leaderboard. Use earned Gold and meet Xarius the Shopkeeper for legendary Weapons & try your Luck with Weapon upgrades. Collect Guild Armors, create your own Guild for quick 2vs2 Guild fights together with friends, or defeat raid & world bosses with up to 8 other players and find EGEMs & different Magic items with passive abilities!

Passive income:

Receive additional to your EGEM earnings from Pool, in realtime a ingame bonus for your Character, of +25 EXP Points and +25 Gold for each block you helped to mine and +200 EXP Points +200 Gold for each Block found by your miners!

Required Hardware for Block Hunts>

-GPU (4gb+)


Stratum: egem.blockhunts.com:8001 (1 gpu 10-50mh/s)

Ports: 8001-8009 (low/high diff)

Coin: EGEM

Algo: ETH

Website: www.blockhunts.com

Pool: www.egem.blockhunts.com

Twitter: www.twitter.com/blockhunts

Still not a miner? No problem! You can try out the game by typing "trial" after using the .verify command without an actual mining address.

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Missingno. 1 month ago

This is getting very interesting, join now and try :D Question 1: Why did you build block hunts? Answer 1: I love crypto mining and fantasy online roleplay games, and I have no time to play games because crypto and mining variants are interesting enough. So, I built a crypto mining online roleplay game which dont need graphic power couse its on discord and even playable on a rig, and which does not eat much time because the cooldowns. Question 2: What do you mean on Discord, and what are cooldowns? Answer 2: You do not need to download a game which requires graphic power to run. Just join with any device or webbrowser the discord server to start with the block hunts game. Cooldowns are built in, every 4 hours raid bosses available for max 4 players. Also, every 8 hours a world boss is available for max 8 players. It’s not like other games where you must spend a lot of time to have fun or to get some cryptos. We also have players who mine on block hunts egem pool and visit the game once per week for a half hour to spend the additional earned gold from the miners into weapons and upgrades to battle some harder dungeon bosses. Question 3: So, your game needs that egem pool? Answer 3: Yes and no. Players can try the game after joining the discord, by typing "trial" after the verify method. The basic way is to type. verify and the game bot asks for your worker address from block hunts egem pool. If you got a worker online there, the game would recognize it and give your discord profile the full access to the game. Question 4: So, the game is a discord bot, how can that work? Answer 4: I had the idea in February 2018 of gamification of mining and i called on my own pool the shares "beaten krakens" and did similar things. Mining on this pool had to look a bit more like a game too, without touching your miner earnings. After I learned how discord works, I was sure that is the thing I am waiting for. Question 5: If I understand, that means your miners from the pool get their egem earnings normally on the wallet like on all other mining pools, but get also additional roleplay game stuff and items into Blockhunts discord server? Answer 5: Correct. Every miner who joins the discord server and verifies, gets from this moment a hero and a profile card with item invetory. He collect for his hero: experience and gold for mined blocks on the pool. If his miners found the block, he will get a bit more exp and gold. Then if he just helped to find a block. Means it benefits a miner for the lion share who finds the block. A player can always open his profile card and will see all statistics like attack power, owner weapons or magic items, found blocks from the pool and similar things. Question 6: Why did you choose egem for the game? Answer 6: I was searching for a coin which could fit into my idea. A handful of people were trying to help me search for months but we all were never 100% sure. Then one day egem chose me at the same moment I saw the coin existing. It was more a feeling. Question 7: The player can also beat dungeon bosses for egems? Answer 7: Yes and more multiplayer content is on the way, where players can earn egems and do a payout on the registered worker address. Means, he gets his mined egems on his wallet and the earned egems from playing at block hunts discord server with a full worker address.