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A Dank Memer and poketwo Server (Rob and Heist Disabled) with Daily Giveaways, incense, Heists, and a fun and welcoming community.




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———— Dank City ————

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A Dank Memer and poketwo based server with many other bots, a friendly community, daily giveaways and cool trading, a chill environment to vibe in and an amazing aesthetic!

What do we offer?


‣ Welcoming and friendly staff and helpers here to make your day!

‣ Dank Memer, OwO, poketwo, epic rpg, mudae and many other bots for you to interact with! (Robbing is disabled for all bots necessary)

‣ Dank Memer Premium server where all cooldowns are halved !

‣ Daily giveaways of dmc and rare items

‣ Daily incense, giveaways of Legendary / Mythical Poketwo Pokemons

‣ Awesome events, Raffle, Lottery and way more!

‣ Daily 100 million coins heists! weekly 200 million heist


So what are you waiting for? Come and move to the Dank City!



User Reviews


Based on 9 reviews

avatar of Tanaka
Tanaka 2 months ago

This server is good and many people so kind. Almost all of us have won a gaw. The bot in poketwo is so good and the channel there have luck, we caught many legendaries.


avatar of CATO
CATO 2 months ago

Awesome XD, people donate so much to have dank memer giveaways. Patron perks for everyone. Friendly owners and members.


avatar of Akai
Akai 21 days ago

shit experience with mods. dont tell you what you did wrong, just ping, calls you an idiot, and mutes, ESPECIALLY in the shiny hunt poketwo channels (accidentally caught someones shiny hunt lmao). dont join lol


avatar of BlueFireNova
BlueFireNova 11 days ago

Staff are super nice and helpful, best dank memer server out there


avatar of Spirin
Spirin 9 days ago

This server is the best. Great gaws and tons of kinda people.


avatar of ΛTĐ ・Startube's servant

This is one of the best DANK SERVERS. They are Super Legit!!!! I have won many giveaways worth 10m+. Not only Dank based server.....they have many poketwo channels too!!! And the best part of poketwo channels is that few are shiny friendly based....idk why some stupid people dont read rules and blame people in server.....Not only this, they have daily giveaways, pepet, pepec etc giveaways and even poketwo giveaways including all types of pokemons (legendary, mythic, alolan, shiny) even Pokecoins and REEDEM too!!!


avatar of aryxn
aryxn 8 days ago

Awesome Community Server, Amazing Staff, friendly people and owners, Great Giveaways, Heists, Events, Etc. Definitely recommend joining if you haven’t already!


avatar of Perry The Platypussy

I love this server so much nice people in it, there are tons of giveaways and you can just hang out and chill.