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We're a friendly community & girls gaming server (Boys are welcome also) made for making new friends and hanging out.




ꕥ ฬelcome to Gaming Center ꕥ

► We are a family friendly community. Everyone is welcome to join! ► What we offer: Gaming channels – Very active Moderators – Bot games – Giveaways – Female ONLY channels – Gaming Voice Chats – and much more! ► We respect everyone as they are here. And we expect all of our new member to do the same, so we can all have a very fun time together. ► Everyone is free to be who they are in our server. ► Our moderators are very friendly and are happy to help you with anything. ► This server is made for making new friends and hanging out. ► Ofcourse you can also play games together! We have League Of Legends, Minecraft, Among Us, Runescape, And also a lot of language channels where you can talk your language with other people! ► Our server has a girls ONLY channel for girls to talk without boys seeing it. You’ll need to verify for this if you want to be part of it (You don't need to be part of if your not interested) ► We hope everyone will have a AMAZING time talking with the other members!

► You’ll be able to share your hobbies in our, Photography-Selfies, Instrument, Painting-Drawing, Pets, Youtube Channels you can post pictures there or ask questions. ► You can get yourself a bunch of cool Self-Assign roles. ► By boosting our server, you will get access to special roles and nitro-server-booster-giveaways.

► If you're thinking about joining then we welcome all of you with a warm heart to Gaming Center. ♡

User Reviews


Based on 28 reviews

avatar of PineApple
PineApple 2 months ago

Great server, friendly people, great management and a family like community. Brought me so much happiness and made my life a lot better. Couldn’t ask for a better server!


avatar of Caκe
Caκe 1 month ago

If you're looking for a new lovely experience, this place is really the place to be! Ever since I joined, I forgot about boredom or loneliness because the community really feels like family ❤️ there's always someone you can talk to, many lovely people, a bunch of events and giveaways, lovely staff and a big community that makes you feel welcomed, makes you feel you always belonged here💕


avatar of Danimon
Danimon 2 months ago

Nice Community, love the server!


avatar of Future
Future 1 month ago

Best community server ever ❤ amazing staff, awesome people and everyone is always there for each other 🥰


avatar of Ranny
Ranny 1 month ago

Well well, where do we begin, this server is so diverse in terms of personalities and characters however we all seem to come along in great harmony for the most part. It's a great place to be and everyone feels welcome. Glad to be part of this community, I've built some great connections with a few people from this server which i wouldn't have had i not been part of this. Big love to everyone ❤


avatar of Jarhead
Jarhead 1 month ago

The server is very active and has a good staff. The people that are active are all very welcoming and warm hearted to new people, and there are almost always people that are down to play league. If you play league or Minecraft, I would HIGHLY suggest this server for people that are looking to meet new people. They have people from both EU and NA so you don't really have to worry about time zone issues. I've been here for about a week now and I can definitely say that being on the server and interacting with people doesn't get tiring. If you wanna meet people, this is a great server!


avatar of Doc
Doc 1 month ago

Great server, incredible community which truly comes together when you need it most, amazes me how someone entirely new joins the server and will immediately be treated as one of their own.


avatar of lia
lia 2 months ago

best community - very lovely and helpfull people <3


avatar of Shadowpepperoni
Shadowpepperoni 1 month ago

Great community! They have so many giveaways and it's always fun to participate just to meet all of these great people. They have a huge league of legends community that always is looking for people to play casual or ranked. The best part is probably the community Minecraft server. It is a server that literally has everything from building (both survival and creative) PvP, and just survival. Glad to be apart of a great community and meet lots of new friends.


avatar of Khanstein
Khanstein 1 month ago

One of the best server everyone here is very friendly and a lot of giveaways on daily basis by our santa kami, staff is very friendly and co-operative. This place is like a family to me so i'd recommend you to join <3 come join us : )


avatar of divesto1
divesto1 1 month ago

Actually this server brings joy to all its member and its one of the best servers I've joined good support and lovely people I really wish them all the best ❤️


avatar of ZarifAqlan
ZarifAqlan 1 month ago

This server is great! So many great people are here to support one another.


avatar of Varyn
Varyn 1 month ago

Good server. Great community, fair staff. One of the best english servers ive ever seen.


avatar of Omaiga
Omaiga 1 month ago

Muy buena comunidad, gente adradable.


avatar of lMigatel - INMORTAL👑🔝

The best community of gameplay, Not only league of legends, minecraft, valorant, etc. You can chat with people around the world that are friendly, helpful to improve in your life. More than friends becomes my family♥ From: lMigatel Mod ♥


avatar of DynamicStorm
DynamicStorm 1 month ago

One of the best servers I've joined , I spend most of times on this servers and I am glad that admins are really helpful and sharing thoughts and opinions with members to make their server the best , and as long as I am here , I won't hesitate to make this server on top !


avatar of TheSissa
TheSissa 1 month ago

Nice and lovely Community, Happy Conversations, friendly Staff and the Perfect Place to find new People to play with. <3


avatar of Anatoly Dyatlov
Anatoly Dyatlov 1 month ago

One Of The best servers i've ever been to <3 :P Friendly Community And Support Staff Almost Daily Giveaways With HUGE Prizes, Very Good chat-to-level system Multi Game Support To Play Games Like Hangman Heads Or Tails Blackjack and More Events Are Even More Common For RP/Steam Gift Cards/levels fot the server/Discord Nitros. Multi Language Chats And More