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💙winter forest💙

Hi! We're a comfy SFW furry server with an incredibly welcoming and LGBTQ-friendly community 💖




Hello :) Thanks for checking us out! Why not click the invite and join?

We have:

💖 An active, welcoming, and LGBTQ-friendly community

💖 An ever-growing list of self-assignable roles

💖 A short, easy-to-follow, and clear list of rules and a fair staff team to enforce them

💖 Plenty of fun bots

💖 Channels for art, memes, gaming, and more!

User Reviews


Based on 6 reviews

avatar of ChromaCat248
ChromaCat248 1 month ago

it's a pretty cool server does get raided pretty often though


avatar of yūreineko
yūreineko 1 month ago

The server is really nice. I've been in there since recently after it was made, and the staff and users are extremely friendly. The mods are quick to crack down on drama and trolls, and no raid's ever lasted longer than 5 seconds. They really make you feel welcome and appreciated, and it's one of the best servers I've ever been in.


avatar of inferno
inferno 1 month ago

while it gets raided pretty often mods do a good job and it's also a nice community.


avatar of furry yiffer
furry yiffer 1 month ago

Very friendly server for everyone, the users are nice and the owner doesn't put up with disruptive nonsense.


avatar of Brianna
Brianna 1 month ago

This server seems very lovely. When you join you get welcomed and greeted by server members! Most of the channels are very fun and interesting to be in, especially #art. So many talented artists. Everyone in this server is so nice and helpful.