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Hey guys, it's Chippy! 🐣

Welcome to my server, Love Among Us 😊

Me and my friends have played on countless Discord servers and kept coming across the same things...Toxicity, inactive staff teams and a lack of care for the playerbase. 😅

We created this server on December 28th with a view to start a community that would change this - so far,it's been amazing! 😍

With just 1250 active members, we've already become more active than other servers that have 20x the player base. 🤩

I have a fantastic staff team that are always on hand to help new members & moderate voice/text channels. 🤗

We created this server on December 28th with a view to start a community that would change this - so far, but we're willing to take on suggestions at any time if you think of any ways for us to improve! 😇

I really hope to see you all there 🥰

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avatar of Sgt Boon
Sgt Boon 1 month ago

This server is amazing. The channel layout is great, there's always active lobbies and genuinely useful staff members. The best thing about Love Among Us is the community. Everyone on the server is fun to play with, none of them are toxic and they're really welcoming to new members. Definitely worth joining! I'll see you there!


avatar of ReversedProximity

I have been on this server for only about 2 weeks but I've met some amazing people! Everyone on this server is very wholesome and helpful if you have a problem with something, they always try to help! I barely play among us anymore but when I do everyone is so chill and kind. We play pretty much every game that's popular on the market right now, Among Us, Jackbox, and even Pummel Party! This server is great and I can't wait to keep using it.Edit


avatar of brian
brian 1 month ago

My favorite of all the Among Us servers that I've played on, and the only one that I play on now. This is the community that I found the most calm and skilled players that taught me to get better at the game. A lot of other servers are bigger, but are also full of randos screaming and ragequitting. This server is better, and the mods do a good job. I've made a lot of friends through the game here on this server.


avatar of skerls
skerls 1 month ago

This server is an amazing place. Name another among us server that has no toxicity. Also, players here are fun to play with and good at the game. What more could you want?


avatar of Gentooking
Gentooking 1 month ago

Great community and amazing staff team. Good atmosphere in the lobby's. Chill yet have some levels of IQ. Cant wait to see you


avatar of BaldyKong
BaldyKong 1 month ago

Fantastic server. Active mods that are fair and unbiased on decisions. Easy going yet competitive community for Among Us and other games. If you want to get into a server to make friends while gaming and have an overall outstanding time - join this server!


avatar of F8
F8 1 month ago

This server is full of sweet humans who play well with others. New (or just not as good) players still get treated respectfully and tastefully. Constructive criticism is given politely without being shamed upon. It's an "Among Us" wonderland :) <3 ~Fate


avatar of cBear
cBear 1 month ago

A community built on the love of the game, Among Us, and also the for the love of love! I have met and built meaningful relationships with many people in many walks of life on this server. Give us a shot and you might never leave! Also, we play Jackbox :]


avatar of Churail
Churail 1 month ago

I love playing with people here, it is all about creating a loving and supportive community on discord. People can play many games here not only among us. After joining this server I bet everyone is gonna make dozen of friends. This server is just like it's name lovely and adorable 💞


avatar of Satan
Satan 1 month ago

The channel designs are unique and pleasing to the eyes. The environment is very friendly and welcoming! The rules are straightforward and to the point. Whenever anyone wishes to play a game of Among Us, or other games as well, there is never any form of toxicity. I highly recommend this server xoxo


avatar of mgleopard
mgleopard 1 month ago

Great community, very friendly, super welcoming! We have room for all your interests, NOT just an among us server. Join our family! If you are a small streamer we have several other small streamers that like to play on this server, and tools to help others grow.


avatar of BlueKiller
BlueKiller 1 month ago

A very fun filled groups..and untiring events too...try to join


avatar of mtmd
mtmd 1 month ago

Everyone in this server is amazing. I've been able to bond with a lot of people in a small amount of time. Not only that there is great people and service here, but also a variety of other games, in which they'll include anyone to join for fun. For me personally, this server makes sense, especially for I am very new to discord. 1000/10 would recommend for all who's also new starters of discord. No one is left behind :D


avatar of Blank
Blank 1 month ago

I love this place every morning theres the people that stayed up all night and its pretty funny& playful and during the day i just hangout with member and after a good day i stream a movie or series or we could be playing among us on proximit; anyways the proxitimty tutorial videos are helpful. Its a fun place i love being there its got interesting people and lots of fun games besides among us like Jackbox, CAH, codenames, skribbl.io and like ALOT MORE. This place is fun and funny and amazing i am staying here to the end.


avatar of Merc
Merc 1 month ago

The community is very nice and everyone is very fun to interact with. The staff are effective and fair in their judgement as well. The among us lobbies are very entertaining with calm and skillful players. There are also lobbies for other games besides among us in case anyone wants to play other games with people in the server.


avatar of Godlike
Godlike 1 month ago

Wew its an experience being in the server, if u haven't join well damm u are missing out


avatar of ElectricMaster0
ElectricMaster0 1 month ago

This server is great! It has a wonderful community, with a large variety of other games you can play as well as among us. I would 100% recommend joining this server especially since there is at least 1 lobby going almost all the time!


avatar of Zfilez
Zfilez 1 month ago

Well muchos nice people here :) i have fun 99% of the time jackbox Among us and some other nice games!!! join in and have fun !! dont just join the server and leave after 1 or 2 days stay for atleast 1 week


PETER GWIFFIN 1 month ago

This server is amazing it's so much fun and the best among us server to ever exist!


avatar of SS Erleuchten
SS Erleuchten 1 month ago

The community on this server is by FAR the best I've ever seen in a discord server. Everyone here is very welcoming and understanding of people making it almost feel like a third home. During these tough times I feel as if the server has brought the best out in everyone and I just want to say, thank you Chippy! And the people of this server. I hope to see more friendly members here soon :)