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A Brand New Fun & Addictive community! 🎁 TONS of Nitro Giveaways β˜† Active Chats & VC's β˜† Anime β™‘ E-Girls & E-Boys & much more! Join us!




About us and what we offer:

πŸ’¬ E-Girl World is place where you can meet new people from all around the world and socialize amongst yourselves and have fun πŸ’¬

⚫ We will be hosting thousands of $$ worth of giveaways during the next couple months
⚫ 350+ Cute and Aesthetic Emotes you would want to use. More coming..
⚫ Different media channels for sharing pictures of your pets, art and a meme channel
⚫ Custom bot with Custom Points Economy, VC Leveling all coming very soon!
⚫ Variety of fun game bots such as dank memer, mudae, poketwo & more!
⚫ Just released a couple days ago, expect alot of content in the coming weeks πŸ‘€

User Reviews


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avatar of Tall
Tall 6 days ago

Amazing owner, amazing staff, and everyone is extremely chill. Chats are really addictive, voice chats are also active and overall a really good server to be in. Good job to the owners and the staff members ❀️


avatar of 0.33% nite
0.33% nite 6 days ago

I am glad that I joined this server. It is a warm and lovely community with 24/7 active chats and VCs. Variety of fun bots, active giveaways including nitros, and most importantly FRIENDLY staff. Overall, I recommend you to join this amazing community.πŸ˜„


avatar of Lucifer?
Lucifer? 6 days ago

I got banned cause I posted a meme in a server that was ok with putting offense memes in and some kid showed a staff on the E-Girl world server and I got banned for posting something on a whole different server. Like They are ban happy to just do whatever they want and they also banned my friend for asking in the main chat why I got banned 3 times after no one was answering them.


avatar of MentorLe
MentorLe 6 days ago

I think the purpose of this server and its Rating 5/5 because as it says in the Description . ITS ALL CORRECT!!! You will find the Right bullshit and dumb people all over the servers . The following server contains: Beta Simps, Hoes, Fucking gays, Mean Lesbians, Atheists, And not to mention - People with College Degree that made them "Smarter than the other" Consumers , Emojis are on point - meaningless as their lives, I Think that pretty much sums it up . Sincerely , Your Dear Millenial - R.N. - To get me know , WhoDemBoyZ on Spotify - that will Answer your questions.


avatar of timmy.
timmy. 6 days ago

If you want to get called racial slurs, or even get mass banned after they lock the cheat because you spammed "free edp he aint do nothing" with friends, then this is the server for you. Be prepared to witness messages from people who are but a shell of a human.


avatar of Daylight
Daylight 6 days ago

A great place to hang out and make friends from around the world. Addicting chat and VCs with tons of fun bots and giveaways. I personally acknowledged that E-Girl World’s staff team as one of the friendliest staff team out there who are always willing to help members in need and on standby to keep the community safe. πŸ€—πŸ₯°