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ZODIACK | Trade•Social•Stickers & Emojis•Economy•Gaming•Chill A growing social community server with people from all over the world, offering many public and private text/voice chats along with server activities, giveaways, events, rewards and much more. We have server activities such as XP and levels with rewards for both the text and voice chats, top text chat rewards, top voice chat rewards, top invite rewards, vote rewards, most active members rewards, and much more activities. We also host giveaways. Giveaways are hosted at any time, including but not limited to weekends, holidays, birthdays, on special occasions, or when a user decides to host one. We give away roles, Nitros, PayPal or CashApp, and much more. Finally, we host events with giveaways and rewards for the event winners. Events are hosted on special occasions, just like giveaways.

Fun Things we Offer: ✅ Developments, goods, and services 💳 - We are not just a community, but also a team offering goods and services we think you might like. ✅ Active public and private text/voice chats 💬 - Are you bored? We offer many public and private text/voice chats for you to talk in! ✅ Stickers and emojis 🤩 - Using stickers in chat has never been easier to do! We offer custom stickers and emojis. ✅ Self-assign roles 🎛 - Get your own roles like notifications, entertainment, custom colors, premium colors, profile and pronouns. ✅ Server XP and levels 🎚 - Every minute you send a message or talk in voice chat, you gain a random amount of XP bringing you closer to the next levels and rewards. ✅ Invite rewards 💎 - We reward our members that invite others to the community. ✅ Vote rewards 🗳 - We also reward our loyal users that vote for the server on top.gg with cool starting rewards. ✅ Games, events, and giveaways 🎉 - We always host game time, events and giveaways in the server with cool rewards to the game/event or giveaway winners. ✅ Active chat rewards ⭐ - Get rewarded with Discord Nitro, PayPal/CashApp or donator ranks for being one of the most active members in text or voice chats. ✅ Free music 🎶 - Play free music in the voice chats with one of the very many music bots we offer, allowing music from multiple different platforms. ✅ Memes and jokes 😂 Come view memes or jokes sent by others or send your own! We even have bots for that like Dank Memer and AniGame. ✅ Server economy 💵 - Gain in-server coins by daily claiming, working, or gambling and use them to unlock server ranks and features.

More Information: Server Join URL: https://discord.gg/PNWUrK5KqW NOTE: After joining, you must verify yourself by reacting to the message in the #❗-verify channel. For a Full in-depth page on the server, visit the #🗒-information channel after joining. The #📬-about channel gives even more information adding on to the previous channel. Finally, read the #📑-rules channel to stay safe and have fun.

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4 days ago

Great server :D


Z̷O̷D̷I̷A̷C̷K̷ | Trade•Social•Stickers & Emojis•Economy•Gaming•Chill

Replying to Spinach

Thank you so much :D


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