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  • 16,488 members 271 emotes

    Discord Partnered, SFW community focused on Anime & Japan! Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, events and giveaways! Everyone is welcome! ūüėä

    Anime, Social
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  • Discord Emoji & Servers Icon
    162,073 members 293 emotes
    Discord Emoji & Servers

    The best way to find Emoji for use on Discord

    Emotes, API
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  • Discord Bot List Icon
    114,597 members 66 emotes
    Discord Bot List

    An official community for discordbots.org, list your discord bot today!

    Developer, API
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  • fnbr.co | fnbr.news Icon
    46,965 members 189 emotes
    fnbr.co | fnbr.news

    Official server for fnbr.co - a Fortnite cosmetics directory

    Gaming, Fortnite
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  • CheggHero Icon
    28,939 members 500 emotes

    Free Chegg and Coursehero solutions!

    API, Fun
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  • ‚ö°Transcendence‚ö° Icon
    24,094 members 7 emotes

    Do you need help in school? Trying to study efficiently? Check us out! We have people willing to help plus we have an amazing Chegg bot!

    Social, Giveaway
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  • 13,590 members 213 emotes

    ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key.

    Developer, Support Server
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  • AlexFlipnote Icon
    13,437 members 219 emotes

    A simple server to either shitpost all you want or get help with my GitHub Projects, such as discord_bots.py

    Meme, Developer
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  • Dashflo.net | High-Performance Hosting Icon
    13,297 members 4 emotes
    Dashflo.net | High-Performance Hosting

    High-quality hosting solutions. Minecraft Hosting, VPS, Web Hosting, Discord Bot Hosting and more from just ‚ā¨1.00!

    Support Server, Developer
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  • Risk of Rain 2 Modding Icon
    11,266 members 54 emotes
    Risk of Rain 2 Modding

    A Risk of Rain 2 modding community for developers and users

    Gaming, Developer
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  • Functional Programming Icon
    8,251 members 38 emotes
    Functional Programming

    Functional Programming is a server for discussing functional languages like Haskell, Idris, Elixir and Lisp, etc.

    Developer, API
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  • Subnautica Modding Icon
    6,970 members 18 emotes
    Subnautica Modding

    A place where modders, programmers and artists can discuss and develop Subnautica mods!

    Developer, API
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  • Mozambiquehe.re API & Apex Legends Status Icon
    6,710 members 22 emotes
    Mozambiquehe.re API & Apex Legends Status

    Apex Legends status, stats and API :-)

    Apex Legends, API
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  • CodeSupport Icon
    6,622 members 49 emotes

    CodeSupport is a community dedicated to giving guidance about programming, as well as creating conversation with one another.

    Developer, API
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  • CodAre Icon
    5,944 members 105 emotes

    ńįcerisinde +300 Kod Bulunan Bir Discord Kod PaylaŇüńĪm Sunucusudur.

    Developer, API
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  • Elemental Icon
    5,822 members 42 emotes

    Support and community server for Elemental

    Developer, API
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