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  • Purple Prison Icon
    13,807 members 157 emotes
    Purple Prison

    | Epic Emotes | Active Chats | Friendly People | Giveaways | Events | Anime | K-pop |Dating |Minecraft ^_^

    Meme, Gaming
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  • Lazy Developers Icon
    22,189 members 18 emotes
    Lazy Developers

    Chat with other Lazy Developers! Many channels to discuss code, and also has GLOBAL EMOTES.

    Developer, Social
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  • The Nug Bucket (NuggetBot Support) Icon
    21,908 members 39 emotes
    The Nug Bucket (NuggetBot Support)

    This is the support, community and test server for NuggetBot

    Support Server, Developer
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  • Aqua Plays Icon
    21,324 members 66 emotes
    Aqua Plays

    This is a programming / modding community for all game!

    Gaming, Developer
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  • Medal @ Home Icon
    20,022 members 18 emotes
    Medal @ Home

    Medal's server

    Social, Developer
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  • WaifuBot Icon
    16,344 members 61 emotes

    WaifuBot support server i.e. support server of the best goddamned bot in existence.

    Anime, Developer
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  • Octave Official Icon
    15,370 members 49 emotes
    Octave Official

    The official support server of the Discord bot: Octave!

    Support Server, Music
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  • ZeroTwo-Bot Icon
    14,984 members 105 emotes

    The Community and Support Server of ZeroTwo

    Support Server, Anime
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  • Miki Icon
    14,832 members 69 emotes

    Miki's lovely server filled with lovely people to help out a lovely bot <3

    Anime, Gaming
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  • 13,590 members 213 emotes

    ShareX is a free and open source program that lets you capture or record any area of your screen and share it with a single press of a key.

    Developer, Support Server
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  • AlexFlipnote Icon
    13,437 members 219 emotes

    A simple server to either shitpost all you want or get help with my GitHub Projects, such as

    Meme, Developer
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  • Programming Icon
    13,304 members 75 emotes

    An active programming server discussing several languages and computer topics.

    Developer, Meme
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  • | High-Performance Hosting Icon
    13,297 members 4 emotes | High-Performance Hosting

    High-quality hosting solutions. Minecraft Hosting, VPS, Web Hosting, Discord Bot Hosting and more from just €1.00!

    Support Server, Developer
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  • Droplet Development Icon
    12,673 members 66 emotes
    Droplet Development

    Support discord for Droplet Development and our bots!

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  • 12,493 members 45 emotes
    Hidden Developers

    A loving, friendly community for users who develop or just want to socialise.

    Developer, Social
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  • Gangstar Vegas Icon
    12,347 members 2 emotes
    Gangstar Vegas

    The official server for the mobile game : Gangstar Vegas! Chat with developers and the comunnity manager from Gameloft!

    Gaming, Developer
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