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  • The CoinFather Icon
    3,541 members 0 emotes
    The CoinFather

    [AUGUST 2020] 28 Signals 👉 ✅14 (+255%) | ❌14 (-20%) ✅ FREE signals ✅ Pump Alerts ✅ Profit Sharing ✅ Whale Alerts ✅ Airdrops ✅

    Crypto, Economy
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  • angel Icon
    25,922 members 316 emotes

    ♡˖'(ˊoˋ)' ~・Angel ༉‧₊ ︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶︶ a cute angelic based aesthetic server for meeting new people ♡ᵎ ⸝⸝ wholesome & welcoming :l

    Anime, Fun
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  • Blossom Icon
    31,148 members 379 emotes

    Here at Blossom we focus on creating a safe space for everyone! It's the rising server everyone is talking about! #MoreThanADiscord

    Social, Fun
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  • 🥛Milky's Parlor Icon
    284 members 193 emotes
    🥛Milky's Parlor

    13+ Anime/Gaming & Social server full of memes, waifus, gambling & more. Come say hello!

    Anime, Social
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  • DGB Icon
    7,026 members 40 emotes

    DGB support server.

    Economy, Social
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  • Global Icon
    7,175 members 146 emotes

    Earn rewards being active in voice calls and text channels.

    Social, Fun
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  • ✯ Heist Crew ✯ Icon
    3,348 members 293 emotes
    ✯ Heist Crew ✯

    We're an amazing Dank Memer Heisting Group! We heist and giveaway millions of coins daily, have scam-free trading, and a friendly community!

    Meme, Fun
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  • Earth | MC Icon
    11,890 members 206 emotes
    Earth | MC

    ✨Welcome to Earth| MC✨ Its is a fast growing and active community with legit events with nitro and premium account giveaways

    Giveaway, Economy
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  • E・Melon 🍉 ; Boost us Icon
    1,471 members 287 emotes
    E・Melon 🍉 ; Boost us

    Friendly | Chilling Server | Gaming | Giveaways | Over 300+ Emotes | Anime Bots, Join our community right now.

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Magicly Advertising & Giveaways Icon
    758 members 146 emotes
    Magicly Advertising & Giveaways

    Advertise your social Media or your Discord server for free!

    Giveaway, Economy
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  • ༺𝔻a𝕟k 𝔾a𝕝a𝕩y༻ Icon
    751 members 102 emotes
    ༺𝔻a𝕟k 𝔾a𝕝a𝕩y༻

    Dank Galaxy, is a server mainly focused on Dank Memer with a bunch of giveaways for it, premium activated, rob/heist permanently disabled.

    Fun, Giveaway
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  • EPIC RPG Official Server Icon
    39,469 members 137 emotes
    EPIC RPG Official Server

    The official server of EPIC RPG!

    Support Server, Economy
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  • Saga Land Icon
    1,150 members 160 emotes
    Saga Land

    Official server of Phoenix Bot, a community focuses on event and bot-developing. Main languages are Vietnamese and English. Join us !!

    Economy, Social
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  • 🌟The Familly™ #4K Icon
    3,185 members 213 emotes
    🌟The Familly™ #4K

    Venha conhcer o TheFamilly, uma comunidade super divertida, temos tudo para deixar seu dia melhor e aqui você pode fazer muitas amizades

    Gaming, Social
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  • PokéMeow Official Server Icon
    33,705 members 245 emotes
    PokéMeow Official Server

    Official PokeMeow Support Server | Join for special Pokemon if you're active and to stay updated on announcements.

    Gaming, Economy
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  • The Bee Hive ♡ Icon
    1,095 members 231 emotes
    The Bee Hive ♡

    The Bee Hive ♡ is a wholesome community with friendly members and staff ♡

    Economy, Emotes
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