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Lfg Discord Servers

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  • SmG Gaming Icon
    43,427 members 500 emotes
    SmG Gaming

    ❤Gaming, Anime, and Fun. :) We have 45,000 Members, 300 EMOTES, GIVEAWAYS, Events, and an active VOICE CHAT! ❤ Website: https://smgclan.net/

    Gaming, Anime
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  • Call of Duty: Warzone LFG Icon
    24,191 members 91 emotes
    Call of Duty: Warzone LFG

    Are you in need for some squad-mates on the Brand New Battle Royale: Call of Duty Warzone? Then come and join the biggest Warzone server!

    LFG, Gaming
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  • 21,613 members 180 emotes

    Philippines Discord Server

    Gaming, Social
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  • 21,481 members 125 emotes
    Teamfight Tactics

    We offer a centralized location for the TFT community. Some of the things we offer are regular tournaments, coaching and other events

    Gaming, League of Legends
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  • Guilded Icon
    20,647 members 45 emotes

    The official Discord server for Guilded.gg. Fortnite scrims on PC, PS4, and Xbox One; LFG & scrims for R6 Siege, Destiny 2, OW & more.

    Gaming, Fortnite
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  • Discord & Dragons Icon
    19,261 members 47 emotes
    Discord & Dragons

    Discord & Dragons is a friendly community server that focuses on tabletop RPG discussion.

    DnD, LFG
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  • 18,603 members 196 emotes
    Red Dead Redemption 2

    Red Dead Redemption 2 is a mature and welcoming Anthem Community. Need someone to play with? A friendly atmosphere? We've got you covered

    Gaming, LFG
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  • ProScrims [OCE] Icon
    17,687 members 21 emotes
    ProScrims [OCE]

    Discord server for Fortnite scrims, pro scrims, snipes, and custom matchmaking. For PC players in Oceania (OCE).

    Fortnite, Gaming
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  • Aether Hunts Icon
    17,264 members 67 emotes
    Aether Hunts

    A community dedicated to hunting within the Aether Datacenter on Final Fantasy 14.

    Gaming, LFG
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  • FNC Scrims Icon
    15,366 members 53 emotes
    FNC Scrims

    ⚡ZONE WARS⚡ 🏝Custom Scrims 💨Host & Find Players Fast Over 🔥15200+ Discord Members 🌍NAE, 🌍NAW, 🌍EU, 🌍OCE, 🌍ASIA

    Gaming, LFG
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  • VALORANT ASCENT - Competitive Discord Icon
    15,359 members 67 emotes
    VALORANT ASCENT - Competitive Discord

    VALORANT Discord for competitive, pro and casual players that want to ascent to the next level!

    Gaming, LFG
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  • 14,257 members 80 emotes
    Gay Geeks

    We are an all inclusive LGBTQ+ Geek & Gaming Community that has been established for 8+ years on Facebook & Twitter!

    Gaming, Social
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  • 14,236 members 108 emotes

    The discord community for Dragon Ball Fighter Z players! Connected to the Reddit: /r/dragonballfighterz/

    Gaming, LFG
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  • 14,037 members 102 emotes

    Trading | 24/7 Middlemen | Giveaways | Events - For Rocket League (RL), Valorant, CS:GO, Fortnite and more!

    Rocket League, LFG
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  • Divine Wagers Icon
    13,814 members 35 emotes
    Divine Wagers

    Do you like Fortnite wagers? Come wager and hang out in this active Fortnite wager cord that hosts DAILY no entry fee boxfight tournaments!

    Fortnite, Gaming
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  • /r/HeistTeams Icon
    11,339 members 163 emotes

    We are the HeistTeams, the largest LFG looking for group Discord in the GTA Online community. Here you can find other members to play with.

    Gaming, LFG
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