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Lfg Discord Servers

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  • SmG Gaming Icon
    43,427 members 500 emotes
    SmG Gaming

    ❤Gaming, Anime, and Fun. :) We have 45,000 Members, 300 EMOTES, GIVEAWAYS, Events, and an active VOICE CHAT! ❤ Website: https://smgclan.net/

    Gaming, Anime
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  • The Jungle Icon
    801 members 11 emotes
    The Jungle

    Twitch streamer PKPandaSauce personal discord server. Giveaways & events are always going on.

    Fortnite, Music
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  • Morbol Odyssey [Aether] Icon
    796 members 46 emotes
    Morbol Odyssey [Aether]

    A community built to have a platform for the blue mage community to assist each other in getting the Morbol mount, and other blue goals!

    Gaming, LFG
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  • The Bonfire Icon
    760 members 37 emotes
    The Bonfire

    A one stop shop for all things souls related. Whether you're a hunter from Yharnam or a Traveler from Lordran you are welcome.

    LFG, Gaming
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  • Official Fortnite Creative ✔ Icon
    735 members 2 emotes
    Official Fortnite Creative ✔

    Fortnite Creative with Zone Wars, Competitive Games, Pro Practice, Custom Games, Zone Games, Rotation Practice and much more!

    Gaming, Fortnite
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  • Valorant Community Icon
    734 members 0 emotes
    Valorant Community

    The number 1 Discord Server for the upcoming game Valorant by Riot Games. Providing LFG, events, news and leaks about the game.

    Gaming, LFG
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  • Mega Man X Dive - /r/MMXDive Icon
    728 members 97 emotes
    Mega Man X Dive - /r/MMXDive

    A community for the Megaman/Rockman X Dive game by Capcom Taiwan

    Gaming, Social
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  • Game Support (GTA pc) Icon
    711 members 25 emotes
    Game Support (GTA pc)

    Boosting the GTA (PC) experience ◽️ Free drop lobbys ◽️ Cheap recovery’s ◽️Frequent giveaway’s ◽️Fun zone - Take a peek, Its free after all!

    Gaming, LFG
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  • Hoodie's Resell Service Icon
    710 members 9 emotes
    Hoodie's Resell Service

    xCantBeStopped™ is a Multi-Gaming Organization, We play Cod, Fortnite, Rainbow 6 siege, Apex Legends.

    Gaming, LFG
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  • 👾Poro Paradise👾 Icon
    708 members 94 emotes
    👾Poro Paradise👾

    A great place to meet new people and make new friends on the rift of league!

    League of Legends, Gaming
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  • '90s Kids Icon
    707 members 80 emotes
    '90s Kids

    '90s Kids - Destiny 2 Clan & Community

    Gaming, Social
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  • Clan desdomination Icon
    706 members 7 emotes
    Clan desdomination

    Una comunidad amigable enfocada a Destiny 2 , un clan algo antiguo que ayuda a los novatos solo gente que vaya a ser activa en discord.

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  • Plane Shift Icon
    666 members 70 emotes
    Plane Shift

    Plane Shift is a Dungeons & Dragons and Magic: the Gathering crossover community. Play D&D in the worlds of MtG!

    Roleplay, DnD
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  • [EU] Faceit Nation Icon
    659 members 12 emotes
    [EU] Faceit Nation

    Sick and tired of playing face it, and losing elo due to your team? This discord will help you find that perfect team for you!

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  • 🎮LFG Games🎮 Icon
    647 members 15 emotes
    🎮LFG Games🎮

    We are an LFG server looking to expand our roots into the gaming community to bring everyone together for cooperative and competitive gaming

    LFG, Gaming
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  • Rainbow Six Siege PC Icon
    642 members 9 emotes
    Rainbow Six Siege PC

    Discord Server for Rainbow Six Siege players on the PC platform.

    Gaming, LFG
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