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  • Pure Imagination Icon
    2,012 members 45 emotes
    Pure Imagination

    Empowering creatives in the online gaming space. We facilitate art, design, development, music, and other forms of content creation.

    Social, Music
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  • English House Icon
    8,801 members 328 emotes
    English House

    This server is made for English enthusiasts, especially Indonesians. Everyone is welcome. Come join to develop our English skills together.

    Social, Fun
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  • Webtoon Central Icon
    8,605 members 93 emotes
    Webtoon Central

    The most popular discord server for Webtoon/comic lovers! Fans and creators alike are welcome!

    Social, Music
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  • Fleek Icon
    8,250 members 182 emotes

    A hip music server full of attractive people. We have the hottest e-girls. Biggest groupie server!

    Music, Fun
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  • Idol City! ♤ Icon
    8,167 members 485 emotes
    Idol City! ♤

    An amazing idol themed Community with lots of events and amazing people!

    Anime, Music
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    8,022 members 187 emotes

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Students server, Anyone who is interested in learning about these subjects are welcome.

    Social, Support Server
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  • The Ice Wall Icon
    7,763 members 197 emotes
    The Ice Wall

    Flat Earth To scale The Icewall that stands between us by means of research, friendship and respectful dialogue.

    Social, Fun
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  • UBGE Icon
    7,534 members 103 emotes

    A União Brasileira de Gamers pela Ética é uma comunidade aberta que se orgulha por ser reconhecida como amigável e hospitaleira.

    Gaming, Music
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  • Slumber Lodge Icon
    7,393 members 27 emotes
    Slumber Lodge

    A friendly discord community meant for meeting new people and making new friends! Join voice chats! and much more!

    Social, Fun
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  • ` Odin's Kingdom  : Asgard ⁂ Icon
    7,361 members 160 emotes
    ` Odin's Kingdom : Asgard ⁂

    Uzun süredir beklenen, her insanı kapsayan Odin's Kingdom : Asgard Sunucusu Açıldı !!!

    League of Legends, Music
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  • 🎌 fαѕт & fυяισυѕ 🎌 Icon
    7,116 members 191 emotes
    🎌 fαѕт & fυяισυѕ 🎌

    Discord Server for Daily Tournaments, We conduct tournaments of Pubg , Freefire, Cod , Fornite, Clash of Clans, Brawl Stars, Clash Royal etc

    Gaming, Fun
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  • at Icon
    7,086 members 16 emotes

    Great popularity of brothers and sisters under one name.

    Fun, Music
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  • O M N I A Icon
    6,997 members 82 emotes
    O M N I A

    Мы уже нашли Вам занятие по душе. Заходите, чтобы узнать какое! ;)

    Anime, League of Legends
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  • Hey Flaggers! Icon
    6,987 members 200 emotes
    Hey Flaggers!

    Server cộng đồng Việt Nam, discord Hey Flaggers vietnam

    Fun, Music
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  • 6,980 members 98 emotes

    Heiakim's official discord server

    Music, Social
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  • futura Icon
    6,846 members 492 emotes

    Futura: A general music server influenced by Frank Ocean. We have a live radio show broadcast monthly named Futura FM.

    Music, Gaming
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