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Roblox Discord Servers

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  • 2,272 members 110 emotes

    Everyone is SUPER in his own unique way! We're a friendly community where you can find game news, free games and giveaways! Be SUPER today!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Buxearn.com Icon
    12,061 members 5 emotes

    Very friendly server!

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • Giveaway Legion Icon
    9,554 members 227 emotes
    Giveaway Legion

    We are a fast pace growing community, we do many giveaways for our users and trust me, they're real!! Join in create friends, and have fun!

    Roblox, Giveaway
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  • Polaris Studios Icon
    8,257 members 23 emotes
    Polaris Studios

    Official discord server for Polaris Studios - Creators of Wizard Simulator.

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • Flamingo Community Icon
    8,225 members 114 emotes
    Flamingo Community

    This discord server is made for a roblox youtuber called Albert, with the youtube channel Flamingo.

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • Royale High Icon
    7,675 members 363 emotes
    Royale High

    Royale High Discord server was made by OceanOrbs. Here, you can socialize, find roleplays, trade, and much more! <3

    Roblox, Social
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  • ! Ricardo Milos flex dance Empire (autonomy without admins) Icon
    7,210 members 93 emotes
    ! Ricardo Milos flex dance Empire (autonomy without admins)

    Ricardo Milos dance Empire Ricardo Milos dance Empire Ricardo Milos dance Empire Ricardo Milos dance Empire

    Emotes, Fun
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  • ScriptersCF Icon
    6,930 members 123 emotes

    A friendly community for Roblox developers.

    Roblox, Developer
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  • Kyoto Ghoul Icon
    6,298 members 95 emotes
    Kyoto Ghoul

    A Community Server for Kyoto Ghoul, Kyoto Ghoul is a Roblox game which is currently in development.

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • BYE BYE Icon
    6,109 members 32 emotes

    A free giveaway server with some nitro drops!

    Giveaway, Fun
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  • RoRewards.com Icon
    6,046 members 11 emotes

    One of ROBLOX's top free ROBUX sites! Join for more info, friends, entertainment and Robux!!!

    Roblox, Fun
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  • POLICESIM Studios Icon
    5,993 members 46 emotes
    POLICESIM Studios

    Official community for POLICESIM: NYC. Focused around the development of the game. Link to game in description.

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • Minion Kingdom Icon
    5,912 members 17 emotes
    Minion Kingdom

    A roblox server revolving around a minion king, Real_KingBob. This is his kingdom. We do events too. ALL HAIL KING BOB!

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • Absolute Icon
    5,786 members 123 emotes

    Absolute is a community-based server mostly based around Anime and Gaming.

    Anime, Gaming
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  • Eclipsis Discord Icon
    5,758 members 67 emotes
    Eclipsis Discord

    Official community server around the Eclipsis game on Roblox.

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • ♤ 𝕽𝖆𝖎𝖔𝖓 ♡ Icon
    5,506 members 93 emotes
    ♤ 𝕽𝖆𝖎𝖔𝖓 ♡

    Want access to a whole host of bypassed content? Join the server dedicated to archiving bypassed decals! [RB] Roblox Bypasses!

    Roblox, Meme
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