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Roblox Discord Servers

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  • 2,272 members 110 emotes

    Everyone is SUPER in his own unique way! We're a friendly community where you can find game news, free games and giveaways! Be SUPER today!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Dat Elevator Community Icon
    1,186 members 22 emotes
    Dat Elevator Community

    Official community server for all games rescripted/created by NKM9; some games are Guest Defense Rescripted, Toonblox, and Dungeon Delver.

    Roblox, Developer
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  • devarchives Icon
    1,166 members 42 emotes

    Hello, and welcome to DevArchives! We are a community of developers centered around sharing and archiving our creations.

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • RealGoblins Community Icon
    1,165 members 17 emotes
    RealGoblins Community

    A community for growtopia players. Apps: auto farmer, captcha solver, a multiboxer, Pokemon go hack + premium free!

    Gaming, Roblox
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  • Aexotic Hangout 🌙 Icon
    1,152 members 36 emotes
    Aexotic Hangout 🌙

    A LEGIT Roblox Rewards, most likely a Ninja Legends Reward Server! We do many giveaways. We also have a pet shop

    Gaming, Giveaway
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  • zora's Hangout Icon
    1,150 members 42 emotes
    zora's Hangout

    Hangout talk rust and roblox related

    Roblox, Anime
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  • Solved's Community Icon
    1,135 members 25 emotes
    Solved's Community

    Slotbot and roblox gaming.

    Gaming, Roblox
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  • Ultimate Driving Roleplay Icon
    1,105 members 25 emotes
    Ultimate Driving Roleplay

    This is a roleplay group! We love roleplaying and we take it seriously. We are not an official server however!

    Roleplay, Roblox
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  • Jaali's Server Icon
    1,103 members 199 emotes
    Jaali's Server

    Welcome to Jaali’s Discord! This server is based around Jaali’s YouTube. We are also a community that focuses on making friends and just hav

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • KillerArmy Icon
    1,076 members 58 emotes

    Türkiyenin en aktif sohbet ve çekiliş discord sunucusudur.Türk Türkçe Turkish Turkey

    Minecraft, Giveaway
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  • The Lucky Pub Icon
    1,053 members 15 emotes
    The Lucky Pub

    **The Lucky Pub** **join our server today!** **we have: giveaways! **trading! **community!**: **fun bots like dank memer and unbelievaboat!

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • RoNotifier Icon
    1,051 members 21 emotes

    Get notified about new Roblox items on the catalog! 😀

    Roblox, Gaming
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  • 🎉Dungeon Quest Market🎉 Icon
    1,049 members 152 emotes
    🎉Dungeon Quest Market🎉

    We do awesome giveaways from roblox cards to legendarys!!!!

    Giveaway, Gaming
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  • BirdieCord Icon
    1,047 members 62 emotes

    Rogue Nation welcomes you!

    Roblox, Social
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  • Deep in Red ₰ Icon
    1,045 members 74 emotes
    Deep in Red ₰

    Bu sunucu,akli açıdan kalburüstü insanların bir araya gelip kendilerince muhabbet ve oyun oynaması içindir.

    Roblox, Social
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  • Megu's Mausoleum Icon
    1,041 members 109 emotes
    Megu's Mausoleum

    A semi-ROBLOX community run by a filthy weeb.

    Roblox, Fun
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