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  • 16,488 members 271 emotes

    Discord Partnered, SFW community focused on Anime & Japan! Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, events and giveaways! Everyone is welcome! 😊

    Anime, Social
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  • Templar Leagues Icon
    1,562 members 92 emotes
    Templar Leagues

    Noble Leagues is one of the only EU rocket league 2v2 League. We hold weekly tournaments and have a League with the prize pool of £100!

    Rocket League
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    1,492 members 61 emotes

    TeamSurkz is a gaming community where you can find players to play games like CS:GO, Rainbow, League, Osu, And more !

    Gaming, CSGO
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  • Ability To Achieve Gaming Icon
    1,381 members 61 emotes
    Ability To Achieve Gaming

    We are a gaming community, who provides with Faceit Hub, TeamFind, Scrim, Events, Leagues, giveaways.Content creator place and more fun!

    Apex Legends, CSGO
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  • SiK eSports Icon
    1,370 members 60 emotes
    SiK eSports

    We are a group of dedicated players that accept all ranks for RL and CS:GO. We currently have competitive teams in each.

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • Feedy and Suck"s Gaming Hub Icon
    1,253 members 27 emotes
    Feedy and Suck"s Gaming Hub

    Welcome i am the owner of feel and sucks gaming hub we host daily giveaways,drops and more join now :D

    Fortnite, Gaming
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  • Rocket League Trading Icon
    1,165 members 128 emotes
    Rocket League Trading

    Please enter this is the new trading server have good peoples good deals and more if you want good community: LOOKING FOR NITRO BOOSTERS

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • Rocket League Germany Icon
    1,067 members 52 emotes
    Rocket League Germany

    Rocket League Germany

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • BobbaBM Icon
    944 members 58 emotes

    A general gaming community. Habbo, fortnite, other games. A friendly community with competitions and karaoke!

    Fortnite, Gaming
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  • Maks' Muffin Factory Icon
    819 members 52 emotes
    Maks' Muffin Factory

    Looking to meet other sweaty gamers? Maks' Muffin Factory is the place for you! Hundreds active each day & a 24/7 Minecraft server! JOIN NOW

    Minecraft, Gaming
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  • Giveaways Icon
    808 members 0 emotes

    Fun community

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • ⚽Rocket League⚽[ES] Icon
    783 members 30 emotes
    ⚽Rocket League⚽[ES]

    Comunidad unida y con ganas

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • Rocket League Francophone Icon
    756 members 78 emotes
    Rocket League Francophone

    Salut la communauté ! Venez rejoindre le 3ème serveur Fr dédié à Rocket League pour y trouver des joueurs de votre niveau :)

    Rocket League, Stream
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  • BricK HousE Icon
    690 members 155 emotes
    BricK HousE

    Trading Server for Rocket League Nintendo Switch!

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • Dynamic Trades Icon
    681 members 24 emotes
    Dynamic Trades

    Best server that you can join for trade and socialize about Rocket League . You can participate in a ton of credits,black markets giveaways.

    Rocket League, Social
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  • RL Trades! Icon
    649 members 33 emotes
    RL Trades!

    RL Trades is a Rocket League Discord Server where you can make friends, trade, join giveaway and have fun in the community!

    Rocket League, Meme
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