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  • 16,488 members 271 emotes

    Discord Partnered, SFW community focused on Anime & Japan! Friendly staff, warm atmosphere, events and giveaways! Everyone is welcome! 😊

    Anime, Social
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  • Rocket League Germany Icon
    607 members 43 emotes
    Rocket League Germany

    Wir sind eine deutsche Community zum miteinander spielen, traden, plaudern und was man sonst noch so zusammen macht. ^^

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • [RL] Xbox Trading Club Icon
    604 members 75 emotes
    [RL] Xbox Trading Club

    Join our Xbox only rocket league trading discord! Find new trades, new friends, new teammates! Join the XBTC trading community family today

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • Team Volted Icon
    577 members 55 emotes
    Team Volted

    Team Volted is an esports organization that was founded in March, 2019. Team Volted has line-ups in three games as of 2019 moving into 2020.

    Rocket League, CSGO
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  • NEL Clan Official Server Icon
    560 members 100 emotes
    NEL Clan Official Server

    NEL Gaming is an E-Sports Team that is currently recruiting players all around the world. Our Discord server is open for every1

    Apex Legends, Rocket League
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  • Rocket Man Icon
    521 members 64 emotes
    Rocket Man

    Official Rocket Man Disocrd server! Chill hangout, LFG Rocket League, and clip submissions for our YT! Join and enjoy!

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • LAF’s Chill Zone Icon
    511 members 28 emotes
    LAF’s Chill Zone

    My server is for my YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Twitter. This is also used to other people to find Teammates, to get coached.

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • Sammy's Lounge Icon
    503 members 72 emotes
    Sammy's Lounge

    Pulse Sammy's Community Server! Content and News, Shop System! Earn Rewards by playing games and being active!

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • Prime eSports Icon
    434 members 13 emotes
    Prime eSports

    All the regions welcome in our server.

    Gaming, Fortnite
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  • Skytide Esports Icon
    405 members 33 emotes
    Skytide Esports

    Competitive Esports Organization

    Apex Legends, Fortnite
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  • French's Island Icon
    398 members 76 emotes
    French's Island

    🚀Official Community Discord of French1000Island!🚀

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • Hype [CLAN] Icon
    396 members 10 emotes
    Hype [CLAN]

    Ein deutscher (german) E-Sport-Discord-Server mit sehr freundlichen und hilfsbereiten Mitgliedern.

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • Rocket League Treff @PeSp Icon
    373 members 13 emotes
    Rocket League Treff @PeSp

    Ein Treff für Communities, Clubs, Clans, Teams und Einzelspieler in Rocket League.

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • Rocket League Haven Icon
    366 members 47 emotes
    Rocket League Haven

    A very friendly Rocket League community, where you can trade, check prices, find teammates, and much, much more! Join up!

    Gaming, Rocket League
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  • RLH Unity Icon
    346 members 8 emotes
    RLH Unity

    RLH Unity is the official eSports team of Rocket League Hub. We feature Rocket League teams with extraordinary players that aim for the top.

    Rocket League, Gaming
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  • TradeService Icon
    332 members 8 emotes

    We are a new server that is just starting out. We are a trading server that is trying to make it in the community. Join now and help us!

    Fortnite, CSGO
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