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Social Discord Servers

Currently showing all Social servers.

  • 🍁| Otaku Spirit Icon
    5,954 members 405 emotes
    🍁| Otaku Spirit

    Welcome to Otaku Spirit! A remarkably active, open, and welcoming otaku community dedicated to simply having a good time. Come drop by!

    Anime, Emotes
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  • Lulurd's Empire Icon
    117,847 members 311 emotes
    Lulurd's Empire

    Active social and economy channels, lots of memes and emojis. join us!

    Social, Fun
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  • Heavenly Realm Icon
    113,828 members 420 emotes
    Heavenly Realm

    Fun and active server for chatting, memes, and gaming! We have GLOBAL EMOTES

    Meme, Emotes
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  • 109,514 members 154 emotes
    GTA Online

    The largest GTA server on Discord and an official Discord partner! Players can come together to look for other people to play and chat with.

    Gaming, Social
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  • NBA Chat Icon
    103,854 members 341 emotes
    NBA Chat

    🏀 The world's largest basketball Discord server! 🏀.

    Social, Stream
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    102,965 members 154 emotes

    The lamp server on which so many people use VC! 200+

    Anime, Social
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  • e-dgy Icon
    96,745 members 113 emotes

    Dystopian cyberpunk server. Memes, misfits -- incredibly active with up to 100,000 messages a day. Take the e-dgy pill -- wake up!

    Social, Meme
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  • 2D>3D Icon
    86,073 members 207 emotes


    Anime, Social
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  • 85,697 members 261 emotes
    Live Insaan

    this is the official server of Live insaan/Triggered insaan. This server host many events like singing , mimicry contest and custom rooms.

    Fun, Gaming
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  • Kawaii Server🌺 Icon
    83,885 members 506 emotes
    Kawaii Server🌺

    A very cute server with 2 Global Emotes and 400 Local Emotes (≧◡≦) (´• ω •`) (◕‿◕)(´• ω •`) ♡ UWU PLEASE ADOPT ME

    Emotes, Anime
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  • Trendy Icon
    75,421 members 84 emotes

    TrendyNation™ - Join now to gain access to 3 global emotes, a server full of coolness, and a lifetime of dank memes.

    Emotes, Giveaway
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  • PUBG MOBILE Indonesia Icon
    75,371 members 46 emotes
    PUBG MOBILE Indonesia

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner !!!

    PUBG, Gaming
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  • Rising Hub Icon
    71,836 members 50 emotes
    Rising Hub

    A project dedicated to revive and frequently update everyone's favorite Battlefield Heroes franchise

    Gaming, Social
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  • Softwilly's Foreskin Icon
    69,972 members 133 emotes
    Softwilly's Foreskin

    Fun Server For Softwilly & Friends!

    Fun, Social
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  • Shrek's Swamp Icon
    69,792 members 248 emotes
    Shrek's Swamp

    Insanely active community, memes, weekly events, and fun! If you were looking for a meme community, then you found it. (ALSO GLOBAL EMOTES)

    Emotes, Fun
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  • e-Chat Lounge Icon
    63,271 members 69 emotes
    e-Chat Lounge

    Active community open to anyone looking to make friends and hang out! We host regular events, podcasts and 100 Google blob emoji!

    Social, Meme
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