Parcanss's Bots

Parcanss's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • Discord Status
    ??? 1,015 Servers
    Discord Status

    Gets the status of all Discord Servers - Voice Servers - API Server - Recent Incidents - Websites Status - And More

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  • Mixer
    ??? 2,400 Servers

    Get Information of Users on Mixer - Get the Status of Mixers Servers

    Fun Social
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  • Coinbase [Bitcoin]
    ONLINE 1,067 Servers
    Coinbase [Bitcoin]

    Get prices of Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and lots more!) and also get Coinbase Service Status's!

    Economy Crypto
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  • Lofi Radio
    ONLINE 8,091 Servers
    Lofi Radio

    Lofi Radio gives you lofi beats 24/7 with many different stations to pick from.

    Music Fun
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  • Spotify [Lyrics]
    ??? 156 Servers
    Spotify [Lyrics]

    Play high-quality songs from Spotify alongside intelligent lyrics and powerful music control commands.

    Music Stream
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  • Christmas Radio
    OFFLINE 647 Servers
    Christmas Radio

    Play top christmas hits in your guild 24/7 and also view how many days there are left until Christmas Day!

    Music Fun
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