JPBBerry's Bots

JPBBerry's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • Censor Bot
    ONLINE 8,623 Servers
    Censor Bot

    Advanced Censor Bot that comes with a pre-built and customizable filter for your server! Anti Swear bot

    Moderation Social
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  • YouTube
    ONLINE 14,834 Servers

    YouTube brings the best of to your Discord server, with information, intergration, utility and more.

    Music Utility
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  • Weather
    ONLINE 1,348 Servers

    The Weather Bot

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  • Famous Birthdays
    ONLINE 45 Servers
    Famous Birthdays

    Look at famous birthdays that happened on this date!

    Social Fun
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  • TI-84
    ONLINE 170 Servers

    Every high schoolers best friend. The graphing calculator for discord.

    Utility Fun
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