uber's Bots

uber's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • Censor Bot
    ONLINE 9,901 Servers
    Censor Bot

    Advanced Censor Bot that comes with a pre-built and customizable filter for your server! Anti Swear bot

    Moderation Social
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  • Roleplayer
    ??? 19,947 Servers

    A roleplay bot for DnD & RPG servers! With profiles, marriage, jeopardy, server economy, a custom shop, inventory, and dice!

    Roleplay Social
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  • A bot
    ??? 172 Servers
    A bot

    You wont believe what this bot does! Simply type a! Fortnite, anime, music, moderation, fun, economy, ninja.

    Fun Roleplay
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  • BattleCord
    ??? N/A

    A fun and competitive game where you can collect and fight your favorite Nintendo characters. (Now featuring smash bros characters!)

    Fun Economy
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