Xignotic's Bots

Xignotic's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • RickBot
    ??? 44,298 Servers

    Custom soundboards, lots of memes and pics, has powerful music (with servers around the world). Over 70+ commands and 4500+ soundboards!

    Fun Music
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  • Kashima
    ONLINE 68,976 Servers

    Unique Music Player with support for Nightcore, and more effects | Starboard | Mod-Log | Logs | Kancolle & Azur Lane DB | All in one bot ❤

    Music Anime
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  • Watch Dog
    ??? N/A
    Watch Dog

    Simple to use moderation bot with automatic global bans and new member security check.

    Moderation Logging
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  • Simon
    ??? N/A

    This is a test bot. [No Commands]

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  • Shiro
    ONLINE 23,011 Servers

    A multi-functional bot that provides in depth modlogs, moderation, fun, welcoming and leaving features towards your server.

    Moderation Fun
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  • DBL Watcher
    ??? 15 Servers
    DBL Watcher

    This bot watches over the bots in the discordbots.org server to make sure everything is following the rules uwu

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