AlekEagle's Bots

AlekEagle's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • EagleNugget
    ??? 43 Servers

    A 14 year old's attempt at making something with programming

    Moderation Fun
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  • BF2Hub
    ??? N/A

    This is a bot that will show your stats on Battlefield 2

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  • Dad Bot
    ONLINE 64,802 Servers
    Dad Bot

    Now with 90% more dad bod!!

    Fun Social
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  • Yellow Hat
    ??? 20 Servers
    Yellow Hat

    Yellow Hat is a bot that can kick, show your ping to the clients discord, and more

    Moderation Fun
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  • MonopolyBot
    ??? N/A

    Monopoly In Discord

    Game Fun
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  • Mom Bot
    ONLINE 8,338 Servers
    Mom Bot

    Dad Bots Wife

    Fun Meme
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