H29id's Bots

H29id's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • SmartBot
    ONLINE 757 Servers

    An Indonesian multifunction discord bot that has many features

    Music Economy
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  • AstroBot
    ??? 626 Servers

    A discord bot that focuses on music features, using Lavalink as audio client for better experience

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  • Sithandwa
    ??? N/A

    This bot is a bot that is focused on the work system

    Economy Moderation
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  • Anti-NSFW
    ONLINE 1,813 Servers

    A new way to protect your server from inappropriate content. [Discord Verified]

    Moderation Logging
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  • ChlorineBot
    ONLINE 140 Servers

    A bot that capable of applying automatic leveled roles to your Discord server. It is also capable of playing music through voice channel.

    Leveling Role Management
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