Teddy's Bots

Teddy's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • Generation Bot
    ??? 38 Servers
    Generation Bot

    Dumb simple bot to generate images, HTML Files, jokes and so much more! 24/7 Uptime at a 99% uptime rate!

    Fun Meme
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  • Demonetize
    ??? 98 Servers

    Anti-Swear Bot to make your servers family friendly!

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  • Hype Bot
    ??? N/A
    Hype Bot

    A multipurpse moderation bot for your Discord server! HypeBot is the bot for you! This bot will help you with your everyday needs.

    Moderation Fun
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  • Global News
    ??? 152 Servers
    Global News

    A news bot that will send your discord server daily news stories around the world!

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