bcrypt's Bots

bcrypt's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • Discord Perm Manager
    ??? 19 Servers
    Discord Perm Manager

    Allows you to have finer control over granting role permissions on your server. (Code is open source; this bot is no longer being hosted)

    Moderation Role Management
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  • Simple Link Shortener
    ??? 51 Servers
    Simple Link Shortener

    A simple link shortener requiring no additional permissions.

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  • Smoogle Translate
    ONLINE 64,091 Servers
    Smoogle Translate

    A free translator bot for all your translation needs. Includes auto-translate, flag emoji translations, and a public API.

    Utility Customizable Behavior
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  • Engrishifier
    ??? 20 Servers

    Turn your messages into Engrish

    Fun Social
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  • Tournament Manager
    ??? 1,364 Servers
    Tournament Manager

    Create tournaments that allow members on your Discord server to participate! Powered by Challonge.

    Fun Game
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  • G̸l̸i̴t̴c̵h̴ ̷A̴r̷t̴
    ??? 28 Servers
    G̸l̸i̴t̴c̵h̴ ̷A̴r̷t̴

    Turn any image into a beautiful work of Åŷ¹ůýŀĨêįœħŸĪ¿Œħħ¼Ŋć

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  • Ship It
    ??? 354 Servers
    Ship It

    Get a random image of shipping two characters.

    Fun Anime
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