Jonny's Bots

Jonny's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • 9Gag Bot
    ??? 74 Servers
    9Gag Bot

    A relatively simple bot that retrieves the most recent post from a random section of 9Gag

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  • NoteBot
    ??? 30 Servers

    A bot that allows you to add notes to a global archive and retrieve a random note from said archive

    Social Logging
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  • Lorem Music
    ??? 19 Servers
    Lorem Music

    A bot for music theory!

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  • Ram ラムチ
    ??? 85 Servers
    Ram ラムチ

    Ram bot is a work in progress bot who has a few fun commands

    Fun Anime
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  • A bot
    ??? 172 Servers
    A bot

    You wont believe what this bot does! Simply type a! Fortnite, anime, music, moderation, fun, economy, ninja.

    Fun Roleplay
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