Fyko's Bots

Fyko's bots that are currently listed on DBL

  • [deprecated] Tiberius
    ??? 28 Servers
    [deprecated] Tiberius

    A Moderation & Utility Bot

    Moderation Utility
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  • Thoth

    A bot with tools for grammar, parts of speech and definitions.

    Utility Social
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  • Sapoto
    ONLINE 348 Servers

    A highly customizable, extensively secure, user friendly Ticket bot with all the core features of Tickety and more!

    Utility Web Dashboard
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  • Giveaway Bot
    ONLINE 740 Servers
    Giveaway Bot

    A user-friendly Giveaway Bot with support for 3 types of giveaways AND a reaction-based giveaway builder!

    Fun Media
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