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Elite Looter - Not just another currency bot!

Elite Looter is an economy bot, but in a different concept and almost entirely customisable! You can create your own crates and loottables, but if you are too lazy for that, you can always use the 6 original cratetypes (basic, normal, rare, epic, legendary and mythic). Chat with your friends and get awarded with crates! You can open them for coins, with which you can upgrade your stats or play games! A tutorial can be found below, it's easy to get started!

Basic tutorial/Getting started:

The basic concept of Elite Looter is creating a cross-server economy. If you get money on server A, you will have the same amount on server B and the other way around. Elite Looters goal consists of gathering crates, opening them and getting coins out of them. With coins you can play games, or upgrade your shop for better chances for better crates or more coins. This tutorial will step for step explain how Elite Looter works, but this is only the beginning. If you for example want to know how a specific game works, you can take a look at the documentation. Everything will be explained there, with all possible error messages and a small tutorial on how to use that specific command.

For a more elaborate tutorial, you can click here!

A custom currency tutorial can be found here