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Welcome to Rocket League Hub

RLH started as a place to find friends, teams, and people to play with, whether it's ranked or casual, NA or EU, it doesn't matter - you can find what you need. When Rocket League added trading, we followed suit, and now we have one of the largest communities for it. It's just a place to find what you need, and meet some people along the way 🙂 Oh and did I hear free coaching?

So why the heck join anyways?

An active and helpful Rocket League community

Whether you just got the game or are a seasoned veteran, there is a place for you here. Our community is known to be one of the friendliest and most active, providing both support regarding the game and people to chat with about Rocket League and not only 😉

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Free coaching

We are proud to have on our staff team coaches who are seasoned Champions and Grand Champions, providing tips, reviewing replays and doing 1 on 1 coaching for all players, no matter what rank, region and console you are and no matter how many hours in the game you have - for free!

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Looking-for channels to find groups, teams, clubs, etc.

Our server includes channels to find teammates for competitive, freestyle and casual rosters as well as opponents for scrims, so any player, from Bronze 1 to Supersonic Legend, won't have to play alone.

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Active trading channels for all of your trading needs!

We feature dedicated text and voice channels for the trading needs of each platform (PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch) that are constantly active. So whether you are looking to sell or buy an item, you can do that here!

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Our own Middleman system

We have our own middleman system with middlemen that have thousands of hours of experience under their belt and are reputable across the whole Rocket League community, enabling you to trade quickly and safely.

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Tournaments, events and a chance to win various prices!

We frequently host tournaments with monetary prize pools, community events, giveaways and more! They are open to all platforms, ranks and regions and are our means of giving back to you for rendering this community possible and bring us all closer together, while keeping the community entertained, active and growing ❤️

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An active and dedicated staff team.

Our staff team maintains the server clean and operational, is friendly and ready to assist you with any problem you may find within the server and can even provide game support up to a certain extent! Not only that, they are also extremely experienced, professional and capable in handling difficult situations, organizing events and ensuring that you have the best possbile experience.

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Bot services

From music to minigames to server moderation, you name it - we got it all. And we even have a couple of custom bots 👀

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And more to come...

So what are you waiting for? Join one of the biggest Rocket League Discord communities with tens of thousands of members and see what we have in store for you! Just do it. Oh and we almost forgot...







User Reviews


Based on 18 reviews

avatar of smokey.
smokey. 4 months ago

One of the best servers out there, great staff, great coaches, 10/10 recommended!


avatar of Shire
Shire 4 months ago

great server that i have been a part of for over 2 years. the review by Mandalorian is complete nonsense as the staff here are extremely qualified and productive.


avatar of Bamse
Bamse 4 months ago

it is a good server and i would recomend this server for you that - Are Trading on the platiforms Pc, Ps4, Xbox and switch. - Are looking for a group to play with on every platforms. - Maybe are looking for just a great community witch offers Sponsored tournaments and Giveaways. I would give this server a very good review and if you are a Rocket League player go ahead and join!


avatar of TKDPA129
TKDPA129 4 months ago

Great staff and the friendliest servers I am in.


avatar of L4Port
L4Port 4 months ago

Probably the best server out there, especially if you're looking for a kind community and staff team. The staff team at RLH have helped me through rough times and have always been there for me. So they will always be there for you too. The management team are amazing at what they do and they're the ones who make things happen, for example events, giveaways, $150+ tourneys. All hosted by the management team. So dont listen to people who say the staff team dont do anything to help when they work their asses off all day. I really recommend the server to anyone new to the RL community and for people who r looking to make friends and have fun. And the support/ moderators who do a good job at keeping people safe


avatar of Quarma
Quarma 4 months ago

Very nice community, if you have anything to say and want to talk about something you'll always find someone who will want to talk to you, recommended server :)


avatar of Hendude127 (69er)
Hendude127 (69er) 4 months ago

Been in this server for a couple months, and a good friend told me to apply for staff there. RIGHT when I joined all of the staff were very welcoming and I'm already building newfound connections with some of them. Definitely would recommend for trading but not just that, for hanging out and for making new friends, 10/10!


avatar of Xotic™
Xotic™ 4 months ago

Out of all the Rocket League servers there are this one is by far my favorite and best. They offer so much whether its giveaways, tournaments, or coaching. RLH is not just a discord server to me as a trial coach and being apart of the staff team they are my family. You will not find a better RL discord server that puts as much time and effort into their community then RLH.


avatar of Amsalem
Amsalem 2 months ago

A great sever for trading!


avatar of KiwiLuscious
KiwiLuscious 2 months ago

Not very much more that you have ask for from a Rocket League Discord server, the staff, the community, everything in general is just unmatched. The amount that this server has changed my life, between the staff and the community is something that can never be removed from my life and I'm forever grateful for finding this amazing server.


avatar of Papi Steffen
Papi Steffen 3 months ago

I really like the trading on the server and the people 5/5